Okay, this not what we normally cover here at Forbidden but I am an avid classic metal collector and this label releases some of the best rare/OOP/first official releases that I rank them alongside High Roller, Shadow Kingdom, and Stormspell. Anyhow, Crillson were a traditional heavy metal/U.S. Power metal act from Alaska that released ONE album, Coming of a New Age, back in ’93 which made them huge in underground circuits but they still never went on to become HUGE, which might have either been to their benefit or our loss but either way the album is re-issued and sounds killer and the bands unreleased 2000 album Mellow to Metal is included as a bonus.  Please don’t think Power Metal means the happy hooky Euro stuff, U.S Power Metal was one of the most heavy and epic styles of metal from the 80’s through to the mid-90’s and features some of the ballsiest riff laden anthems that I’ve EVER heard so if you’re repulsed by the sheer notion of “power metal” then you really need to have your ass kicked by this horde to realize what true power metal is but for now think of the crunchy ripper tones of early Overkill including the amazing high pitched vocal outbursts, Dickenson era Iron Maiden, Hirax,and even some nods to  early Queensryche and Fates Warning.

The stormy Queensryche-ish anthem “Who Can You Trust” is an absolute metal masterpiece!!!!! You get the well endowed vocal control and delivery of Geoff Tate transferred to Jesse Rezendes here, obliterating deep and crisp drum assaults that literally “boom” with the bass drum cranking a steady pulse, searing leads and a rhythm section that borderlines on being down-tuned speed metal!!!! And now speaking of SPEED METAL, the 80’s classic thrash titan “No Cure” busts out shout out thrash vocals in between the higher vocal shrieks that literally scream: “Flotsam and Jetsam, Overkill, Exciter….”; and then the rugged chugging rhythm assault kicks in high gear and it’s a grinding thunderous head banging adrenaline rush.  The sound of Crillson is the sound of metal that brings me back to my early days of metal experiences, people sitting outside their houses drinking beer with this stuff blasting and everyone having a great time.

With Crillson you really get a solid dose of classic heavy metal, U.S. style with full on speed/thrash and purely heavy ball busting, neck snapping and shredding potency and a touch of melody. If you love the sounds of King Diamond, Exciter, Enforcer (Chicago), Fates Warning, Meliah Rage, Hirax, Overkill, Attack, Sacred Steel, Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, early Manowar, and Iced Earth then Crillson are an essential listening experience. Simply put: “Crillson fucking slay!!!!!” so do not miss out on this piece of real metal history just because they don’t wear corpse paint.

You can score a copy from Shadow Kingdom, they always stock Arkeyn Steel releases or directly form the label.

You can also stream the original full-length at the link below:


This version does not have the bonus album and the sound is not as crisp as it is on this release but at least you’ll get an idea of the amazing sounds contained herein.