As Death Awakes is deceptive album, but in that I mean that I honestly swore this was a classic Teutonic thrash band as it certainly has the belted out raspy vocals and break neck speeds with the abrasive distorted treble buzz that just borderlines on a bit of black thrash but Deathstorm are actually a fairly new band although they are Austrian so there’s some Teutonic blood present in something other than their razoring barbaric sound. “Red Blood Spillage” simply rips through me upon every listen as the band cranks out some chugging early death-thrash rhythms with these climbing leads thrown on top of ‘em ,  while at times  the song conveys the feeling of  them being a ballistic inferno spiraling out of control they also sneak in some drudging slower breaks to develop a steady stomping groove before suddenly exploding once again. The guitar tone on “Red Blood Spillage” as well as on all of the is nothing shy of grinding and bowel churning yet the leads are both shredding and obliterating and the scorching arpeggios and tremolo picked go from scraping the skin raw to scalding it with technical mastery.

In fact technically these guys have the ferocity and ugliness of early Kreator  and Nuclear Assault but the skills of later Kreator in terms of wicked finger work and a tight consistency of the band that it’s near impossible for anyone that’s not an anal nut bag to find a beat or tone out of place. Sometimes I almost feel like the vocalist is losing his voice as it cracks from the pressure of the ragged bouts of “Nihilistic Delusion” or “Prepare For the Slaughter”, it’s just that intense. Another few things that stand out to my ears throughout the albums entirety are the killer solos that they work into songs like the murderous “Nihilistic Delusion” where you’re so caught up in the swarm of venomous thrash that you forget where you are, but also the slightly melodic and addicting lead that rules the rhythm of “Visions of Death”. It’s just so uncanny the way the band has such mastery of their instruments and how well they work together that the album doesn’t lose any of its firepower or aggression into technical maneuvers that become more showy than useful.

It’s also still hard to wrap my head around how classic and masterful of an album and sound this band has created. So my ultimate question (mostly rhetorical) is that if these guys can create something as distinctive and terrorizing as As Death Awakes that literally screams  “I’m a re-issue/first release of Teutonic thrash that was lost until now” rather than being another knock-off, rip-off, clone band then why the Fuck can’t others? There’s just no excuse for not being this baddass if you really know and love metal.

Give ’em a listen at the link below and prepare to be leveled.