This split album from Tanquam Aegri Somnia immediately surrounds and assaults the listener with opener ‘Teutoburger Wald’ from Beglium’s Cult of Erinyes. All-enveloping¬†darkness quickly captures the light and silences the crowd with a furious black blasting which continues without relief for quite some time. While the simple chord progressions layered on top of relentless drums are employed on ‘The Eschatologist’ as well, the groove is undeniable and the tormented vocals send a chill up the spine like no other. Lyrics are included in this split releases, which give an added sense of depth on a track like ‘Hermitry’, the last of three from Cult of Erinyes on this production.

Turkish duo Zifir bring a more eclectic assortment of sounds to the table with their four tracks. Opening with ‘Kafir / Heathen’, Zifir do little to blast and attack like their friends in Cult of Erinyes as they do to entice and seduce with slower paced percussion, awkward melodies and dry atmosphere. ‘War’ is an uncomfortable collection of harsh sounds and distorted, suffering vocals. The aggressive drum destruction of ‘Sole Wrong’ soon puts things back in a more familiar territory with the same atonal harmony structure earlier experienced. Album closer is ‘Shroud’, another experimental collection of sounds that makes the listener uncomfortable and unsure of the message.

Overall, I enjoyed this release. The material varied enough to keep me interested for its duration. Being that this split was my introduction to both bands, I am pleased to say I look forward to hearing more from each.