Hails to Algide! Tell us about this debut EP of yours, ‘Mortifier’, if you will! What can fans expect from these four rituals?

This EP groups our first 4 titles. They represent the beginnings of the human destruction. Fans will find there a French Unholy Black Metal!

What is the history of Algide? This being your first release, we must talk about why you formed, when, where and why?

Algide was founded in April, 2011, in the East of France. Members of this trio are S.S., our singer and author of texts ; Shad, our guitarist and drums programmer ; and myself, Kald on bass guitar. The black metal is the reason of our formation. Our purpose is to express us on the Black Metal scene because this style is our passion.

What was the recording and songwriting process like for ‘Mortifier’? How long was the material being written before setting down to record?

The process of composition was rather classic: Shad proposed a multitude of riffs, we chose a rhythmic base to create the structure of the piece. I gradually adapted my bass on it, then Shad programmed the drum kit parts to finalize the pieces. The composition was made piece by piece to remain concentrated on a single title at the same time. We had already composed 7 titles when our singer arrived. He thus wrote his texts for the existing musics. After 8 or 9 compositions, we decided to group and to record 4 first ones to realize “Mortifère”.

The drums on ‘Mortifier’ sound programmed but very well done, is this correct? What are your plans for future releases, will there be a live drummer? Why or why not?

Yes, drums are effectively programmed. We try to return faithful drums to try to forget a little bit that they are programmed. We have no drummer and we look for one. We so began for not to delay in the composition, and shall continue so as long as we shall have nobody in this post.

What other projects are members of Algide involved in? If any, how do they differ or compare to Algide?

Shad is also guitarist in a band of Stoner Metal called Choke Pear. He plays in with his friends only for the fun. It differs from Algide because Stoner Metal isn’t its style of preference and he more feels at ease to play Black Metal. Shad is more involved in Algide because it is its priority project. S.S. was the first singer of a Black Metal band named Chadenn. Today, he has the project of an one man band, in the warlike and ancestral spirit thus completely different from Algide.

What is the message of Algide’s dark art? Why?

Algide tell about the self-destruction of the humanity. In « Mortifère », each title speak about suicide, sectarian drift, killing frenzy… This is a vast subject which inspires us.

What are some of the things that set Algide apart from the hordes of other black metal bands?

We think that our compositions are different from other bands in the sense where we don’t draw our inspiration to whoever. We are self-taught in the learning of our respective instruments and in the recording. We are free in our music and our texts, what gives a very personal result.

Choose one song from ‘Mortifier’ and tell me about it in detail, if you will. What is the song’s message and what should fans learn or experience from it?

2083. It is the first title of the EP, but also our first composition. This title is particular in the sense where he tells an existing fact, what is not the case of our other texts. The text speaks attacks which took place in Norway in July, 2011. When S.S. suggested us writing on this subject, I was at once an enthusiast, because I was personally in Norway at the time of attacks (the cover photo of “Mortifère” was taken over there) and I was marked by the attitude of Norwegian: they showed themselves very affected, implied and united throughout the country, what we wouldn’t certainly see here in France. The message to be retained, it is whom nobody is shielded from the destructive drives, even if it is only of a single man. Again, this title is unfortunately of current events in the United States with what has just taken place in Boston…

How did your relationship with the label Cvlminis come about?

We simply contacted Cvlminis (who is a subdivision of Rigorism Productions) to produce our first EP in the CD-R format because this label produces a big quantity of underground young band as Algide. We hope that it’ll serve us as springboard to make produce our next realizations in a more professional way. We take advantage of it to thanks Cvlminis but also Atramentum Productions for the work made together.

In what formats can fans find ‘Mortifier’? Tape, CD, etc.?

EP exists in CD-R format at Cvlminis (33 copies hand numbered) and, available since April in Tape format at Atramentum Productions (50 copies hand numbered).

What does the future hold for Algide? Future releases, tours, etc.?

Concerts seem impossible for the moment, we miss at least a drummer but also a second guitarist to return faithfully our music in live. At present we continue the composition of our future title for a first album. Algide will come back telling you your whore of self-destruction!

The last words are yours!

Thanks to you to give us these lines, and continuous to support the underground!!!