Having no prior knowledge of this one man army calling itself Ankou Awaits, I was presently suprised to find myself held captive by the aural assault that is ‘Wyllt’. His third full length, ‘Wyllt’ offers listeners a solid balance between driving death metal punishment and atmospheric ambiance that will no doubt satisfy the most demanding fans.

At times, the heavily palm-muted guitars break form from their mud-chugging pattern and run an atonal scale or lead, quickly to resolve back into the groove without missing a beat. The variation from one feel to the next is what helps move this album along at a breakneck speed. A track like ‘Heading Down the Path to Destiny’ would do little for me, let alone anyone else, if it were not for the dancing guitar melodies that make their presence known at just the right times. The operatic keyboards only add to the emotion of what is heard here, never impeding upon the relentless drum battery or guttural vocal sickness.

My only unfavorable remark would be the use of the drum machine. However well-programmed and effective when blasting beyond 200 BPM, the robotic drum rolls, cymbal crashes and perfect down-beats grow wearisome too soon. With as much technology at everyone’s disposal, I do hope that Ankou Awaits makes better use of it on the next effort.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is to be easily dismissed. Click below and have a listen for yourself!