Breathing Problem are one of those anomalies that will completely wrack your mind upon initial contact with them because you enjoy and are subsequently intrigued by its ability to disturb you emotionally and question your sanity through a realization of what you are hearing AND feeling. Unlike many of my PE/noise/ dark ambient/death industrial listens where I’m amazed, but not entirely surprised, to the extent of being stressed by a simultaneously confusing pleasure through personal discomfort at any time as I am with Reactive Attachment Disorder. And while much of these aforementioned styles are notorious for the overwhelming presence of sexual perversions and exploitation themes as well as sociopathy and human upon human atrocities, all of which Breathing Problem falls right smack dab in the center of, Breathing Problem takes the mind fuck to an extreme as BP present it in more of an intellectual and atmospheric rather than through blatant shock and awe methods.To my listening experiences thus far in the said styles and with Breathing Problem I would have to say that Breathing Problem comes across as a sinister mutant hybrid of Navicon Torture Technologies with the recent Steel Hook Prostheses and Nyodene D releases.

Reactive Attachment Disorder is an relentlessly deranged and psychedelic, narcotic haze of dark ambient and death industrial with some barbed wire bound wrists of piercing power electronic moments that bleed out into droplets of water boarding torturous atmospheres. There’s also a creative dynamic present in each track that plays off the idea of psychotherapy and shifts between the patient(s): an abused child, a child murderer, lust killer; and at times the equally sadistic and perverted psychiatrist; much of which is presented as a fist person account of horrendous crimes and perversions while others such as “Intensive Therapy Session Number Four” are what sound like real therapy session recordings loaded with anger and violence.

“Intensive Therapy Session Number Four” is exactly what the title describes, it’s a recording of a kid being prompted by a bootcamp drill instructor in one of those troubled youth programs to yell and release his aggression through shouting phrases like “I hate all those people bossing me!!!!” and then the instructor prompts him: “How mad at me are you?…..Do you want to kill me?….then say it!!!!,  to which the boy shouts “I want to kill you motherfucker” amidst a background of looping swarming static and rumbling bass frequencies. Below is a clip of part of this conversation:

“Are you stopping when I tell you to stop?”

“Yes Neil”

“Are you screaming louder when I say louder”

“Yes Neil”

“Look at me and say … I want to kill everybody!!!!

“I want to kill everybody!!!!!


“I want to kill everybody!!!!!”


“I want to kill everybody!!!!!”

Pretty killer in writing, huh? Let me tell you though, it’s pretty chilling to hear out loud and up close when you’re not expecting it, and even when you are.

And lets not forget the dreary damp and echoing chamber of horrors created in the title track that’s sure to send your mind over the edge. The dripping water, muffled alien-like giggling baby, and glacial screeches of heavy objects moving in slow motion and the hint of activity further into the sewage tunnel of scrambled voices that emerge into a hallucinogenic ranting victim lashing out at her sadistic oppressor.  Well actually it’s the shrink (female) informing the young child (who’s laughing and ecstatic) that his/her adoptive parents are afraid of him/her because he/she killed their natural born son. The lyrics aren’t clear in the actual audio but the combination of the murky torture chamber sounds with hallucinatory ramblings and the actual printed lyrics describing the murder in detail it’s even more of a brain twister to experience. Not for the squeamish that’s for sure.

Long review finally cut short, if you love something that you put on at night and it sends your mind into a mixed shock between fear, anxiety, discomfort, and excitement then this cassette is an essential!!!!!  You can also stream for free and download the album for $3 at

Cassette available still at: