Over the last 4 years or so the Quebecois Metal Noir turnout of incredible black metal bands has kept me mail ordering, digging around to grab all that I can on any format, and it all pretty much started with my introduction to Forteresse and this band here with their Transcendance EP. Since then it’s been a continual quest to find other bands from the region and a rewarding one when I find them but honestly without Csejthe I might not have acquired this addiction for at least a another year or two later, if even, and coincidentally one of the three members is also in Forteresse and another in the glorious Monarque, both of which I’m a huge fan of.

There’s just something so majestic, epic, beautiful, and unearthly in the sound of Csejthe that it does well represent (in sound and mind) the lore of the band name which is the castle in which the Blood Countess committed her infamous crimes as well as fitting the time period and country surrounding it.  Where at times the supernatural folktales founded in equal parts history and superstition of medieval Eastern Europe is literally brought to life in the ghostly inhuman vocals that sort of gust over the band like a spirit grazing ones flesh. The guitars have a distinct twangy metallic tone to them that is angular but still maintains a certain sharp hint of melody, although in the lead mostly as it weaves around the rhythms from the rhythm guitar, which is more of a controlled static of distortion as opposed to a ballistic buzzsaw fest of treble and effect resulting in more of a graveyard fog mystique while complementing the precise deep thumps of the drums.  Instrumentally speaking there’s a specific presence in the sound that is hypnotic to the point of seducing me into listening to the entire album from start to finish without any indication of song change or break in the atmosphere, it just keeps swirling and pounding sort of like what it does to my head and pulse with anthems like “Chasseresse” and “Malifice”.

In terms of describing the experience of listening to Csejthe , and Reminiscence in particular, is that of the depth and masterful crafting of In The Nightside Eclipse atmospheres with an epic melodic touch, the majestic and colossal heathen sounds of  Summoning, and even a touch of older pagan inspired of Blut Aus Nord with  a bit of Graveland. AND as the title suggests, it is without doubt an album for reminiscing and losing ones mind in deep thought, although it also generates one Hell of a sonic buzz on the mystical, almost symphonic hymn “L’antique Blason” with some pretty potent and raw riffing backed by the spectral chants from deep within the chasm of sound.  In fact I’m going to flip the finger to cliché and say that this stuff is frosty, and in many ways could actually re-define frosty atmospheric black metal as will definitely drop your internal temperature a bit.  Also FYI, DO NOT EXPECT FORTERESSE here, Csejthe shares some similarities but they are merely superficial, in other words the two bands are unique to one another but both embody something in sound and feel that truly does defy description. So if you’re looking to experience something that will completely dominate your focus of attention then look no further.  The Countess would also be very honored with what has been crafted in her honor here so that too should be an indication of the freezing intensity contain herein.

I highly recommend the EP, Transcendance, but it’s not always easy to find so check with the label, Morbid Winter Records, to get a copy, and absolutely insist that you hear the band and then grab this album before it vanishes. Oh, and one last thing, several of the songs mentioned are on Youtube so give ‘em  listen, you really gotta hear this band.