Greetings! Tell us about your work, for those initiated! I will at least say you guys fucking kill without mercy!

Ghorth: Hi there! This is Ghorth speaking! Thanks a lot for your kind words, man! Well, we have been active since 2006 and our idea always was to desecrate mankind’s minds with relentless Death Metal, they way it has been and the way it was poured upon this putrid world by geniouses like MANTAS/DEATH, POSSESSED or MORBID ANGEL, just to name a very few. In this world of trends (even Swedish Death Metal seems to be trendy now, go figure!) something needed to be done.

CesarCold: Cheers!! Cesar here too, as Ghorth says our goal was (and of course still is) delivering death metal without additives. I’m not against some “progressive” elements inside this music, but it’s important not to lose the focus of what underground extreme metal was created for!

What is the history of the band? Where, when and why did you form?

Ghorth: Well, I guess I pretty much answered to this question above. We were sick and tired (and still are) of all the same bullshit arising and surrounding us so, that’s why we decided to stick to the good old ones, pay tribute to those great bands, adopt a more explicit moniker and give the world back the good Satanic, Anti-christian subject!!!

‘The Perishing Empire of Lies’ is your third full length album! Tell the maniacs a little about this monstrosity, how it differs or compares to previous works, etc.!

Ghorth: well, it doesn’t differ that much from our previous effort, “The Vanishment and Extermination of the Deities”, musical-wise, although it meant a huge step forward when compared to our first album, “Antikristian Extreme Dekapitation”, which was a lot more simple and rough. This one is maybe more worked out, the sound is far better (thanks to Bastard and his Moontower Studios and to Dan Swanö and Unisound), thicker and clearer and, to me, the songwriting is even darker and to the bone. There’s only sadness and hate going on here, hahaha!!!

CesarCold: Our first attempt was just a compilation of raw ideas and somewhat a way of making contact with the scene (that’s why it clearly has its up and downs). Some kind of long demotape i.m.o.

After 5 years as a band we have learnt a lot and we have developed a more consistent sound I guess, the core idea and the anger is still the same though

Tell me about the cover artwork to ‘The Perishing…’! How does it reflect the album’s theme or concept?

CesarCold: I was in charge of the whole artwork. Personally I collect a lot of old demo and flyers illustrations and band memorabilia, so I wouldn’t be pleased with a digital or abstract cover.
I love the grim feeling from those drawings, and my style fitted perfectly to our music.

My work is almost always based in handmade ink art, I also prefer sticking to the classic black/white/grey/red swatch.

The cover shows a monk kneeling after a dead pope while 4 cloaked figures burn down the whole place. No matter how much the monk will pray or crave, his religion, leaders and idols are dead.

‘The Perishing…’ is your first album that is not being self-released, correct? Why has the band decided to work with a label on this album, in this case, Metal Inquisition Records?

Ghorth: That’s right. We actually self-released our first effort, since we did not want to wait for 3 – 4 months until a label got interest in it. We wanted to have our first opus out as fast as possible. For T.V.A.E.O.T.D., to be honest, we were quite lazy and we just sent a dozen copies to some labels instead of sending about a hundred out to the media, labels, etc… so, of course, the answer was zero. For “The Perishing Empire of Lies” we did our homework and contacted some labels, sent out lots of promos and well, among a few other labels interested, Steffen of Metal Inquisition/No Colous seemed to like the cd very much so, he gave us a chance and as far as I know, he’s still not regretting it, which is cool, hahaha…Steffen’s offer was actually not the best, but the guy seemed a metalhead to the bone and possibly he would do more for DECAPITATED CHRIST in his own label than maybe others, despite offering some better conditions. So far we’re very happy with M.I.

I really enjoy your relentless and simply old school brutal sound, how was the recording experience for the band?

Ghorth: It was awesome, as always. I mean, we have always recorded at Bastard’s own studio near to War-celona. He’s a very experienced guy, he’s a musician too and obviously understands his work as well as the musician’s point of view, which is quite important nowadays. So he know exactly the balance in between his duty as a producer/engineer and as a musician. We recorded all of our albums at Moontower and they all sound better and better so, I guess we will record our next cd later on this year again with him.

There are several guest appearances on ‘The Perishing…’! Martin Van Drunen, Pete Sandoval, Bastardizer…How did your relationships with these individuals come about and all find themselves on the recordings?

Ghorth: Well, Martin van Drunen is a personal friend of mine and my wife and also of the band. We have met several times over the past years, I acted as a promoter and flew ASPHYX down to War-celona for a show and an unforgettable weekend and well, one thing led to another and I invited Martin down to my place, did a hell of a BBQ with him and another 23 friends which lasted for more than 12 hours and on the next day, after literally hundreds of beers, tons of meat and no sleep at all for 2 days, he did his vocal duties and, bloody Hell!!! It sounded awesome. He actually was intended to sing only on “Death Into The Crypts” but, after finishing his tracks he asked for more so, we decided to also let him do “Black Rites for the White Pope”…

Pete Sandoval was living here in War-celona after his back surgery. He knew a lady here during his last tour and kept contact with her since then. When he left MORBID ANGEL, he decided to come to Barcelona for a few months in order to recover and relax and he ended up living here and even married the girl. He was actually teaching drum lessons at the same rehearsal place we use so, we began to meet, drink beers and so on and it came quite naturally. He ended up doing an instrumental track called “Marching”, he also helped out with composing and well, “Marching” means actually the entrance of the demonic legions into the Vatican, which is the Gate to Hell before the total devastation and extermination of the Human Disg-Race.


‘The Perishing…’ even includes a sick version of Deicide’s ‘Sacrificial Suicide’. Why choose this particular song from this particular band? Of course, Deicide kills, so not a band choice at all!

Is ‘The Perishing…’ a concept album in any way? I enjoyed the Lovecraftian ‘Invocation of the Ancient Ones’ and the flesh eating ‘The Cannibal Instinct’, will Decapitated Christ ever do a concept album? Why or why not?
Ghorth: although all of us dig Death Metal in all its forms, I personally have a weakness towards American Death Metal… Of course, I freak out with BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, SINISTER, BENEDICTION, early ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE, CARNAGE and the likes, but I have always tended more towards the masters MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MONSTROSITY, DIABOLIC, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH, POSSESSED and so on. We actually did MORBID ANGEL’S “Day of Suffering” on our first cd, then we did “Slowly We Rot” by OBITUARY on our second one and now was the turn of the all-time kings of Satanic art DEICIDE with “Sacrificial Suicide”… What more can I add?

Ghorth: T.P.E.O.L. is not a concept album at all, although there is a red line from beginning to end. The instrumental parts “Entering”, “Collapsing”, “Suffering”, “Marching” and “Burning” show different parts of the same story. “Entering” means the opening of the Gate of Hell, conveniently situated in the center of the Vatican. “Collapsing” means the crumbling of the whole Vatican State, and “Suffering” is the priests and all the Christian herd crying out in anguish because they see their Holy See destroyed and the Infernal Demon’s Legions arising from Hell. “Marching” is the triumphant March of the Legions on our Earth and “Burning” are the flaming winds of Hades leaving nothing alive.

About our future, we are now concentrating on our fourth effort, entitled “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies” and will ONLY deal about different types of rituals and rites throughout history. From the Lovecraftian side, passing through Cannibal rites and ending with the Inquisition’s witch burning rites. So far there are already two titles I can tell you: “Timeless Creation of Supreme Evil” and “Ancestral Rites evoking Primigenium Horrors”…

What are some of the bands that influence the sound of Decapitated Christ? Why?

Ghorth: Hell!!!! That’s a difficult one… I can only speak for myself now, because all of us have different musical influences. Paingrinder is a Doom freak, our drummer BlastHagel loves primitive Black Metal and some Death Metal, our other guitarist Desecrator is a total Black Thrash worshipper and myself… I love heavy metal and, above all, IRON MAIDEN… the greatest band ever to walk this Earth. Besides that, I love classical, Old School Death Metal like the bands I mentioned earlier… man! It’s too many bands to mention, hahaha!!! And I will let CesarCold speak for himself about his influences, of course!!!

CesarCold: Well, I like a lot of music genres, however I wouldn’t mix them in my work on Decapitated Christ, I have other bands and projects for that, so I would quote as my main influences on this band the mighty Obituary, Deicide, Abhorrence(Fin), Grave and Slayer!!!!.

What about your lyrical influences? What themes or philosophies will listeners find in your music?

Ghorth: The lyrics are being written by both of us, Paingrinder and myself. I am a Church of Satan member and all of my lyrics tend to focus towards Laveyan’s Satanism, hate, greed, envy and the likes. Paingrinder, being a total terror and horror movies lover, takes a more horror and gory approach to his own writings. Well, what other issues can you sing about, playing Death Metal, others than war, terror, Satanism, dismemberments and raping, hahaha?? Fuck politics and dragons in Death Metal, man!!!!!

What are some of the things about Decapitated Chirst that separates you from the hordes of other extreme metal bands?

Ghorth: If we talk about Europe, maybe our sound. We sound definitely NOT Swedish of finnish. We love, dig and freak out with Swedish and finnish Death Metal, but it’s not the style we play. We do NOT use the BOSS HM2 pedal and, as you know, nowadays it seems not to be trendy NOT to use that pedal. Fuck trends!!!! We stick to our own style and, if people don’t get it, fukk’em!!!! A good friend of mine, being a German journalist, told me that, as we play not a “concrete” type of Death Metal and also bring in some slight Black Metal elements, people have a hard time “labeling” us. We play Death Metal, no more, no less… 20 years ago nobody had this urge to label everything. You had Heavy Metal, Speed/Thrash Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal…that was it… what’s all that shit about “Tech-prog-math metal”? “Ultra-gore-grind metal”? “Swedish-worship-utter-low metal”? Death Metal is Death Metal… leave it as it was.

Cesar Cold: As Ghorth stated, we are not trying to be a copycat of any other band or sound, we look to the roots of death metal and set the starting point there. Unfortunately (or not), people here tend no to like bands who don’t sound like X or Y, the flock need to be able to label you and you are followed if you follow the current trend.

Tell us about the region you live in and how it affects your sound…

Ghorth: hah! Spain is a fucking disaster nowadays. This economic crisis has taken us down much more than we expected and is affecting millions of families. The last statistics show an unemployment rate of over 6.000.000 people. In a country of not more than 40.000.000 people, that’s a hell of a lot! Actually, more than a 38% of the people IN WORKING AGE (excluding children and elder people) do not have a job. And on the same news, they told the two big banks in Spain have earned more than a 1000 million euro each during the first three months of the year… can somebody please explain that to me? There’s children starving and dying out there… banks throwing people out of their homes and show a quarterly result of +1000.000.000 eur profit??? Something’s definitely going wrong down here. We are an Empire of losers, we have always been, but we thought we were top 5 during George W. Bush and José Maria Aznar’s times… now we have returned to the place where we belong… to the place we should never have left, actually.

What does the future hold for Decapitated Christ?

Ghorth: We just played a show in War-celona with the Great POSSESSED two days ago (24/4/2013) and are about to play a show with DESTRÖYER666 in June. We are in the talks about some Summer Festivals, maybe, and a few more shows after the Summer with another two well-known acts and, for December 2013 or maybe January 2014 we will begin the recordings of our next album “Arcane Impurity Ceremonies” again at the Moontower Studios. Let’s see who we can ask for a collaboration on this one. I have a true legendary genius in mind but cannot tell you anything else by now, hahaha!

The last words are yours!

Ghorth: thanks a lot for this interview and for having us on your pages. Definitely one of the best ‘zines around for sure!!!!! Stay tuned and stay brutal!!! Hail Death, Rise Satan!!!

CesarCold: it was a pleasure to answer your questions, keep supporting the underground music!!!