Tell us about your demo, ‘Death of the Flesh’!

Well, it’s just the first offering from Nex Carnis and our first songwriting/recording experience.‘Death of the Flesh’ is the literal translation of Nex Carnis from Latin. It’s about darkness of mankind and its progress toward emptiness. Besides,

Give me a history of Nex Carnis, if you will! What is the history of the band? Where, when and why did you form?

I always liked to compose Death Metal songs, and I started that a few years ago. After getting ready as a guitarist, I decided to record them and form a band, so I re-worked on those songs. First I invited a friend who had a good death metal voice and he did a good job, so he became a member of the band. I could not find any proper drummer so drums were programmed.

What is the songwriting process like for Nex Carnis? I understand the band only has two members.

Nex Carnis was supposed to be a 3-piece, but the bassist was not ready to join us at that time.

Songwriting is generally started with an idea for the beginning of the song. Then it’s progressed in my mind and during single rehearsals. Besides, various riffs may form in my mind separately, which can form a new song or be parts of the other ones.

How do you enjoy the recording of music compared to writing? Do you do both at the same time? Why?

Our first recording experience was very good especially when we heard it. We don’t do both at the same time. Composing is a time taking but enjoyable process.

What plans does Nex Carnis have to expand to have a full band and perform live, etc.? Why?

We love to perform live. First we have to find a drummer who can handle drum duties in the band, and we have not been able to find anyone. Actually there is no professional Death Metal drummer here. Some of the good drummers here are very busy with different projects. Actually there is only one or two drummers who specialize in Death Metal, but they are not fast and tight enough for our purpose.

Besides, as you know metal bands cannot go on stage in Iran. Even smallest performance without permission is a high risk. So there is no choice but performing in other countries. Some Iranian bands organize fests in countries like Armenia and Georgia and local fans can go there and see the concerts.

I enjoyed the sounds of ‘Death of the Flesh’; from where do you draw your influence, musically, lyrically, etc.? What influences your sound?

I enjoy the dark and aggressive sound of 80’s death/thrash, deep, heavy and innovative death metal of early 90s, and fast and twisted death metal of early 2000s. All these elements can be heard in our music.

Lyrically, we get into harsh realities and unknown truths of human existence, as well as imaginary and obscure worlds.

I was surprised to find both an intro and outro track on a demo release. Why the decision to include such short pieces on an already short album?

First we decided to have a short interlude to the first track and after doing it, Asto Vidato decided to create an outro based on the second song and it turned out good, so it turned out to be a 4-track demo.

Nex Carnis is from Iran, yes? How does the area you live in influence your sound? Why?

Yes. Like other countries, Iran has its own traditional music, but it has actually had no conscious influence on Nex Carnis sound.

Does Nex Carnis have any other material currently recorded that is to be released soon? Why or why not?

We are planning to release a new EP through a good label this year. 3 songs are almost ready and we will enter the studio soon. Besides a great Chilean drummer will work with us as session member, so this time you can expect a much higher quality in the sound and recording.

What can fans of extreme music expect from Nex Carnis that they may not get from other bands?

Fist demo was just an experience and beginning of our way into death metal, so it could not be a perfect example of what we intend to be.

We try to reach a distinct sound. Nex Carnis music tends to be aggressive and dark while keeping the music heavy and deep. Fans of old school and brutal death metal, and generally, fans of extreme metal will enjoy our music for sure.

What other projects are members of Nex Carnis involved in, if any, that we may already be familiar with?

No other projects, but we may have some in the future.

What does the immediate future hold for Nex Carnis? What about the distant future?

Our new EP will be a huge step forward, introducing what Nex Carnis really is. After the release, we will have extended rehearsals to prepare for a full-length and maybe live activity. We may find opportunities to perform on countries like Turkey or even festivals in neighborhood countries if we find a drummer.

The last words are yours!

We would like to thank our fans and friends for their support and suggestions.