I’ve been many shades of impressed with all of Vomitor’s material. Coming at your jugular full-on, they have a very lo-fi, distorted sound to boost their early Sodom vibe further into the depths of drunken Hell. I was extremely stoked to see a new album was out (what’s the deal with the new logo?) and didn’t hesitate to spend some money obtaining it. Yep, some of us still do that!

The formula is the same as before, and that’s not to say I’m complaining about anything. Feedback and distortion o’plenty start off the intro “Pits of Nightmare” before it leads into “Pitch Black” and becomes the usual relentless Vomitor attack. Straightforward throughout, The Escalation pulls no punches for its entire duration, with the title track and skullcrushing anthems like “Metal or Die” (oh, fuck yes!) and “Hellburst to Fight” giving us a thermonuclear Obsessed by Cruelty-esque assault that comes off heavily intoxicated. You should come to know what to expect by now, and you won’t be disappointed whatsoever!

It’s good to see Vomitor establishing a bit of a cult following and even playing some shows in The USA (none of which have come near my neck of the woods, sadly!). They’ve really been on top of their game and deliver a stunning product each time. Prepare to get decimated again with their latest scorcher of an album! (FA)