I normally don’t review demos and I am not certain why. Perhaps they are reserved for potential labels and I just don’t get many in my mailbox. Maybe I hear a sample of them online and am not impressed, telling the band to ‘contact me when the debut is out’. Perhaps a Myspace page doesn’t qualify as a ‘demo’ in my book. At any rate, when I heard the track ‘The Search for Utukku’, from USA cult Wings of Dahak, I was instantly hooked. A band this good and no Metal Archives page?! Injustice, I say! Good music needs good exposure, so listen up!

For only two tracks, I found plenty of quality sounds to fill my ears and imagination on this all-too-short release. ‘The Search for Utukku’, with it’s layers of sludge guitars, saturated leads and mournful vocals, gave me good reason to listen in, for a memorable ‘riff’ or ‘hook’ was not to be found. Instead, the music rolls and roils along like a great and grey worm, blighting the county side as the villages mourn their futile protest. Solid drums thunder throughout and give all the textured vocals and guitar tracks room to breathe, oppress and ultimately, obliterate. Just under 8 minutes long, ‘The Search for Utukku’ will leave you to ponder the nature of this Sumerian spirit at the end of your own journey…

‘Unholy Wings’ begins with more of an attempt at a ‘riff’ or ‘feel’. The minor chords sound inverted, creating a dark and dramatic atmosphere for the dirge drums and guttural vocals. I like how ‘Unholy Wings’ is patient, confident in its own ability to strike fear in a hardened heart without the need to rush into things and be quick to impress. One can almost see the big black wings blot out the sun or moon and cast a shadow across the far reaching fields of green grass.

I can certainly say that some won’t be too impressed by this material. Those that crave blast beat bestiality should turn their ears elsewhere. However, I am certain the dark energy contained in these two tracks will be a welcome listen to many fans of extreme music everywhere.