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Channeling the undeniable fury conjured by the likes of Black Sabbath, Sleep, Bathory, and Venom among others, Indiana doom metal trio, Thorr-Axe, are a self-described “raiding party comprised of three guys with a mutual love of heavy music.” Further, they’re fascinated with dragons, wizards, frost giants, and Vikings…as well as what happens when those Vikings [&hellip

Read More… First up on this sickening feature is Australia’s Backyard Mortuary with their debut full length ‘Lure of the Occult’. A thick atmosphere of doom and disease immediately greets all who push play on this album, darkening the path into the dank tomb. Riffs rip left and right, death grooves are abundant and vocals intone [&hellip

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Arvo Zylo/Dental Work – Velcro Bismol

Arvo Zylo is one of those schizophrenic artists that literally shape shift with each release, you never know if it’s harsh noise, power electronics, low end explosive blasts of frequencies, shrill and torturous screeching, or anything else for that matter.  It’s one of those things that you just have to approach with eyes closed and [&hellip

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Fuck The Facts – Amer

“Chaos is a friend of mine.” – Bob Dylan So many members of the human population are repulsed by things that bear a chaotic quality. To some, any type of disorder, or straying from the norm, in the world we live in equates to evil and an unwelcome ugliness. It’s my guess that this type [&hellip

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The Cherry Point – Misery Guts (Phage Tapes)

When I first got wind of this re-release I was incredibly fired up and for two reasons: the first of which being that it’s The (Fucking) Cherry Point; and the second equally arousing reason that TCP inadvertently named an album after me.  Anyone who knows me is overly familiar with my daily frantic anxious bouts [&hellip

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Ravenmoon Sanctuary – Winter Desolation of Death (Darker Than Black Records)

With so many damn bands period, regardless of genre, it’s so easy to not become acquainted with many really solid ones like this newer Polish band that carries the torch of powerful bands that are so through simple production, grim atmospheres haunted by neoclassical decorations, and a thin film sound cast by a single buzzing [&hellip

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Halvag – Halvag (Darker Than Black Records)

Fuck!!!! Unlike the incredible Ravenmoon Sanctuary and Blodtru this one is not even available yet and it’s tied with RS for absolute MUST have purchasing. I also scoured the Internet; well okay… only a little bit, and all that I found was that Halvag is a U.S. based black metal band. For reviewing this is [&hellip

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The Vein – Scouring the Wreckage of Time (Shadow Kingdom Records)

For me this album was an absolute surprise for several reasons: the first of which being a death metal record released by Shadow Kingdom?  Of course there’s plenty of doom influence present on the album, especially the iconic lead guitar tones of Altar of Oblivion’s axeman Martin Mendelssohn, but even still it’s an unusual style [&hellip

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Lago Interview

Stemming from the Arizonian wastelands comes Lago with their take on 1990’s death metal. Guitarist/vocalist Cole sent me his demo after I had requested it. The off-the-cuff mannerisms of the death metal scene serve its purpose, but people tend to want to know more beyond the surface. I’ll give a brief overview of Lago’s new [&hellip

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Unspeakable Axe Records Feature

As a sub-label of Dark Descent, Unspeakable Axe Records has made their debut with two releases sure to leave an imprint on the underground metal community. First up is Austin, TX’s Birth A.D. with their debut ‘I Blame You’, a collection of 18 fast and furious thrash masterpieces from the hey-day of 1980’s crossover. Totally [&hellip

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