This Canadian quartet’s newest offering has been sitting on my desk for a bit too long. Something about required more than a single listen for me to really get a solid appreciation for it. Perhaps the cover art is a little too ‘CG’ or Blinded by Faith’s logo is much too legible to seem credible. Whatever the cause, I now find myself hearing all the little nuances that make this album, ‘Chernobyl Survivor’, a real neck-breaker…now pay attention!

The title track kicks things off in the right direction, slamming double bass drums terrorize immediately while guitars fire notes faster than a machine gun. The layered vocals, while clean and melodic during the bridge, showcase a great range of ability and fit in the context of the song well. The barrage of blasting drum attacks continues on ‘Dead End’, flowing with ease from one vulgar display of power to another. A track like ‘Drastic Medicine’ gives listeners a groove beset with copious amounts of melody while ‘Alone’ triggers that urge in all of us to practice our instruments more often: the technical skills of Blinded by Faith’s guitarists alone are enough to put many ‘musicians’ to shame.

The 12 page booklet is laden with lyrics and the overall package is well represented by Galy Records. Although the melodic nature of this album grows tiresome after a while, I can’t help but enjoy the non-stop aggression that accompanies it. Give your ear to ‘Chernobyl Survivor’ as well as the band’s solid back catalog.