Greetings! Tell us about your work, for those uninitiated!

Forlorn Chambers is a death metal band from Tampere, Finland. Some people find black metal influences in our music, some find doom and grindcore. But death metal is the root of our music. We released our debut demo “Unborn and Hollow” last January.

What is the history of the band? Where, when and why did you form?

We’ve known each other for years and we’ve done quite a lot of music related stuff together before and also individually. What’s defining in the formation of Forlorn Chambers is the need to do music like this. We’ve done all kinds of music before, but there’s always been that understanding among each other that metal is what we should be doing. We started to try out what we would sound like in 2012 and quickly found out that it all just works. You can kind of hear this fusion of needs in our music. That’s why people have such a hard time defining us. Is it death metal or is it black metal? We think it’s a summarization of who we are.

How is your debut demo, ‘Unborn and Hollow’ being released? CD, tape, vinyl, digital?

We made a small set of CDs mainly for promotional purposes. Some copies are available for purchase through our Facebook page. All the songs on the EP are also available at our pages on and soundcloud, for free.

Tell me about the cover artwork to ‘Unborn…’! How does it reflect the album’s theme or concept?

Music is our primary art, the visuals come second. The cover art does not necessarily reflect the concept in any deep way, it is more a separate interpretation of the atmosphere of the music, and Forlorn Chambers in general.

‘Unborn…’, is a self released demo from what I understand. Have you had any responses from labels interested in working with your on a full length, split release, etc.?

Yeah, the EP is a self released CD. We just wanted something tangible to come out of the recordings and wanted people to have a chance to get it. It was not meant to make any cash for us, we’ve been selling it for the same price as were the printing costs. There’s been some interest towards working with us on putting out a full length album. Naturally it’s way too early to really say anything about that, but we’re working on it. So yes – there’s interest.

I enjoyed the solid production of ‘Unborn…’, how was the recording experience for the band? Is it something you are eager to repeat or…?

Recording was great! We don’t like to hurry with stuff like that, so the atmosphere while recording was cool and relaxed. It’s a funny combination, when you’re creating something that is so brutal, and yet again you are at peace when doing it. That’s how natural it is for us to do this stuff that we are doing. And it doesn’t take us long to put it on record. We are well prepared, when we start recording.

Does Forlorn Chambers already have material written and recorded for another release? How does the songwriting process work for the band?

We don’t have anything else recorded yet, but we are already writing new stuff as we write this. We usually work out a sketch of what the song is about. The melodies come first, and then we write the lyrics when there’s a solid structure ready for the song. The atmosphere and the right feel is always our main concern. There’s not that much that changes in the actual recording process, some nuances mostly.

Is ‘Unborn…’ a concept album? Do all the songs have a central theme? Why or why not?

It kind of is. It’s basically about different aspects of life. How we are born, how the world expects us to fit certain molds, how we fear change and how we should not be afraid to be who we are. Since eventually there is nothing but death. With Unborn and Hollow, the themes came out when we started to hear what the songs would sound like. But it might be the different way around, when we go forward.

What are some of the bands that influence the sound of Forlorn Chambers?

Like we mentioned before, we are a fusion of needs, but also interests. We have found inspiration in many great bands, most in the melodic death genre such as Fractal Gates, Omnium Gatherum and Opeth. But also from life, death and art generally. We naturally take influences from many sources, but then we also have a strong vision of our own music.

What about your lyrical influences? What themes will listeners find in your music?

Well, it’s pretty hard to categorize our lyrics, but essentially we are about life in an honest way. We are and will be brutally honest, that is something that the listeners can take for granted.

What are some of the things about Forlorn Chambers that separates you from the hordes of other extreme metal bands?

We sound like the summarization of who we are. Cold, melodic death metal with grindlike brutal vocals – with hints of progressive metal and nuances from traditional Finnish melodies.

Tell us about the region you live in and how it affects your sound…

Half the year Finland is a dark and cold place, half the year it’s sunshine almost throughout the day. This contrast of living provides an excellent platform for making music, especially metal. Most parts of Unborn and Hollow were made in the late 2012, when life outdoors was getting darker and colder by the day. It’s a time, when thinking and digging deep into the depths of your mind comes naturally. And it is not hard to find those places, where honesty lives.

What does the future hold for Forlorn Chambers?

An album, that’s for sure.

The last words are yours!

We hail the ones who fall!