“Chaos is a friend of mine.” – Bob Dylan

So many members of the human population are repulsed by things that bear a chaotic quality. To some, any type of disorder, or straying from the norm, in the world we live in equates to evil and an unwelcome ugliness. It’s my guess that this type of mentality perpetuates the notion that only certain types of expression qualify as legitimate art. Personally, I find that kind of sentiment to be rather offensive. As a visual artist, I’ve been told that my work is “weird” or “satanic.” I’ve also been asked why I can’t portray “nice” or “normal” subject matter in my creations. Naturally, I find this type of response to be total garbage. The best art never abides by boring, complacent standards. It blurs lines and pushes the proverbial envelope. It’s the shit that evokes some kind of an emotional response that makes the most sincere statement. The same can be said for music that conjures certain emotions or moods. Throughout my life, I’ve known people on both sides of the spectrum. On one end, it’s “That isn’t music, it’s just noise.” Meanwhile, people on the other end embrace that “noise” just like any other artistic masterpiece. It is with that thought in mind that we examine the latest release from Canada’s own Fuck The Facts.

Originally taking shape in the late 90’s as the solo project of guitarist Topon Das, the band has evolved over the years into one of the underground’s most formidable grind/noise outfits. Known for their largely DIY approach and penchant for all but destroying the norms of traditional grindcore with relentless fury and experimentation, the band has just unleashed a scorching new EP. Amer (translated from French to English: “bitter” or “miserable”) is comprised of seven pummeling excursions into gloriously beautiful pandemonium.

Clocking in at around seventeen minutes, the EP once again profiles the outfit’s ability to effectively identify all confines of genre categorization and unapologetically destroy those walls with pride. Mixing frenzied grind passages and an abrasive vocal approach with moments of calm instrumentation, things erupt quickly with opening number, “Une Triste Vue.” Meanwhile, the likes of “Vent du Nord” and “Panser la plaie au lieu de soigner le mal” both eschew any serenity, in complete favor of ravenous instrumental speed and vocal ferocity. The alternating voices of Mel Mongeon and Marc Bourgon work in monumental fashion, switching at the drop of a hat from lower-end growl to raw-throated screeching. Likewise, as with most other Fuck The Facts efforts, there is a vocal shift from French to English. It is the closing track that is perhaps the unexpected highlight of the entire release. “Amère” calls forth a somewhat uplifting atmosphere, surprising enough for a grindcore tune, but rest assured, it is the perfect ending to an otherwise turbulent release.

The only complaint I can muster is that this is one fast monster, and a single play is simply not enough, but that’s what the repeat button is for. With Amer, Fuck The Facts have once again created brilliance. They have once again shown that they are masters of the art of taking unbridled chaos firmly in hand, and revealing just how beautiful it can be.