Fuck!!!! Unlike the incredible Ravenmoon Sanctuary and Blodtru this one is not even available yet and it’s tied with RS for absolute MUST have purchasing. I also scoured the Internet; well okay… only a little bit, and all that I found was that Halvag is a U.S. based black metal band. For reviewing this is annoying because people tend to want to know a bunch of biographical shit, but for me it makes the fact that this album is extremely chilling and enthralling even more of a draw. For some it’s all about having something, but for many of us it’s about having something worthwhile. The tantalizing hunt for that obscure audio treasure that you will remember for decades after hearing and will boast having by blasting it for everyone around you. Well now it’s time to cut the crap session short and flush this jibber jabber so we can move on to what’s really important, THE album.

This one is tricky for me because I’m ironically trying to keep this short to get the S.O.B. reviewed in a timely fashion and thanks to the masterfully potent sonic bomb of “Maelstrom of Perdition” reprogramming me upon each listen to “repeat”, it’s taking forever to get this done.  With “Maelstrom of Perdition”, much like the two other lengthy fuzz blasts that comprise the body of the album, “Weathered Palms Now Clutching Still Dead Roots” and “Calling the Storm”, it’s virtually impossible to avoid being swept away mentally into the storm of sound here. Each of the three are extremely hypnotic as they each consist of  an addicting concoction of: bleak dark ambient landscapes; angular, almost Deathspell Omega-like angular guitars (really stood out to me on “Weathered Palms…”); a torrential downpour of well defined black metal guitar chords swathed in distortion but not to the point of treble blowout; they do a good job at smooth, but not cut-and-paste predictive soft-loud-soft dynamics that yields and explosive and memorable experience; lots of atmosphere, but not like being lost in a forest in twilight or a cave; and a good use of melody and ugliness together with a slight psychedelic/post black metal feel (think Finnr’s Cane, Altar of Plagues, mid- Nachtmystium, and decent Wolves in the Throne Room moments even) and a ghostly presence, especially in some of the vocals (like in “Calling the Storm”). Honestly, I can’t find fault with anything on here and am willing to spend the time and $ tracking this down because it’s fucking killer.

There’s nothing on here that’s stale, cloned, or intentionally done as everything present sounds and consequently feels natural to the musicians, plus it’s so incredibly hypnotic to the point where each song, starting with “Calling the Storm” straight through the moody and melodic “Weathered Palms…” fuses into the another creating this continual journey through a vortex of conflicting emotions of pure violence and morose seclusion that will inevitably trigger some sort of response in you, which more than likely will be a dazing electrifying mindfuck. So keep your eyes posted for info on this one, I’m contacting the label to get the detailed info because this is ESSENTIAL!!!!! The vocals in sync with the tones and mood of “Maelstrom of Perdition” remind me of some glorious epic story where a crew of people are swept are by a flood and are screaming in chaos, yet the surge is swift but fluid so they float and drift among the ebb and flow of the currents. This album makes me want to cry from sheer joy and release of tension because it’s that GOOD!!!!

Check out “Calling the Storm” right here courtesy of Darker Than Black and tell me truthfully that this stuff isn’t magnificent!!!!!