Hails to Paganfire! Tell us of your new full length, ‘Wreaking Fear and Death’!

N: Greetings to you maniacs of Forbidden zine!! It is an honor to reply to this interview of yours!!!! So let’s begin, the full length is an 8 track/37 minute barrage of total thrashing metal madness from the pits of the true underground done by true underground maniacs!! Expect no trendy substandard metal here, no retro bullshit, no modern crap, just thrashing metal the way it should be done!!!! So far it is only released on cassette format, the label who agreed to do the CD version is awkwardly quiet and there is no one yet picking up a vinyl version, hopefully things will change, let us see.

How long has the material on ‘Wreaking…’ been in the writing phase? Did you have a specific goal or vision to the finished album when you began to record? Why or why not?

N: The songs I have written have been existing in some form around 2-3 years before they were recorded, I know some of Alvaro’s songs are older, we write songs sporadically, no deadlines nor pressure, we just play and rehearse them when we can, and what the fuck, things just fall into the right place, and we just do what we do best, let the metal flow free!!! The goal was to melt more poseur’s faces with the true brand of thrashing metal that we will vomit upon their sorry trendy faces!!

How does Paganfire work in the studio? Does the band write as a whole or individually? Why?

N: Anyone can present their ideas or newly created hymns, then from there the rest of the band will fill in with suggestions and ideas and of course we will try ‘em out then we will choose which is the most effective and which one to retain, and which one belongs to the trash bin! It is more of a trial and error approach, I am more comfortable writing alone, envisioning in my head how the riff will be like once it is the four of us working on the song and playing it.

What is one idea that you want to leave listeners with after hearing Wreaking Fear and Death’? Why?

N: Aside from having their ears ring and give them a few sore necks, I want listeners to realize that PAGANFIRE is true thrashing metal from the pits of the true underground!! And that TRUE thrash metal is not extinct!!

What are some of the musical elements that really help set this album apart from previous Paganfire works? What elements are the same?

N: I think we are more able to play our instruments now and have somewhat formulated a work flow in the studio, and we have operated on a bit larger budget now, well at least compared to the past studio outings, the music is more worked on the album than on the past and we have incorporated more heavy metal influences now, but the chaos and speed is still there, I think the album doubles anything and everything that makes the past releases enjoyable and disgusting!!

Tell me about the album artwork! How does it reflect the music?

N: The artwork is as brash, raw and violent as the music contained within the album is, as you see the character is indeed wreaking fear and death!!!! It is done by Norman Trinidad/Kambing+Trident Nation zine, and was done, before hearing the album, we wanted him to illustrate what is the first thing that comes to his mind upon hearing the album, but for some reason the post office fucked up the stuff for Norman, anyway the artwork is killer and suits the album just fine, may those thieves at the post office die in arthritic pain!!!!

I was really impressed by the large catalog of previous releases from Paganfire. What are some of the things that have made Paganfire endure for so long?

N: I am glad you are, most people I meet are disgusted, they seem to not understand that a true underground band like us spread the material via tangible means and not via their social network schemes! That is how the true underground works, that is how we see it! I guess it is all the hardwork, honesty and dedication that we put into the band and our activities that made us last this long, fuck we don’t make fools of the people who believe in us, although they are so few, they are the true die hards!! PAGANFIRE is true thrashing metal from the pits of the true underground!! The living nightmare of all the trendy pseudo metalheads!!!

What does the future hold for Paganfire?

N: more poseur destruction!! More true thrashing hymns!! As we speak we have 2 tracks done and will rehearse some more to finish them and after that we will forge ahead and write more material for possible future releases, specifically a possible 2nd album or whatever release we deem necessary!!! We plan to wreak fear and death on some stages overseas, but as we speak they are all but possibilities.

Thanks for your time, the last words are yours!

N: Eternal hails to you maniac!! Thanks for doing this!! All interested people contact PAGANFIRE via NONOY PADREJUAN #60 NARIG ST., VETERAN’S VILLAGE, PROJECT 7, 1105, QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES, email: paganfire13@yahoo.com KAMATAYAN SA HUWAD NA METAL!! BOYCOTT THE DAVAO RIP-OFF SCENE!!!!