With so many damn bands period, regardless of genre, it’s so easy to not become acquainted with many really solid ones like this newer Polish band that carries the torch of powerful bands that are so through simple production, grim atmospheres haunted by neoclassical decorations, and a thin film sound cast by a single buzzing treble guitar backed by drums.  This is their first full-length release although they have released several demos, which have garnered them some nods of respect from those with their ear to the ground and a taste for real black metal, plus two EPs, but this is my first introduction to them and it’s safe to say that I’m sold and will grab some of the Demos and such asap. Bands like Ravenmoon are that perfect type of “raw” that stays true to atmosphere and creating something ritualistic and ancient feeling without sacrificing the actual meat of the songs which are the rhythms and the balance of elements (as there are few present). This is the type of band that belongs on cassette, which is why I’m anxious to find out if their Demos are still available and are (hopefully) on tape.

Honestly, even without the eerie haze of symphonic elements that sort of appear and then vanish repeatedly throughout “Tumulus of the Elder Grimm” I’d still be in love with the trebly punk buzz of the chords when the song is in a bit more aggressive mood and the synth evaporates for a few moments, and the slight folk twist the guitar makes in the more cinematic, ethereal moments.   This album has everything on it: the non-dramatic but still harrowing symphonic background; elements of folk; spoken/hollered pagan-like vocals; killer sonic power chord treble tones that buzz and rattle; passionate shrieked vocals; steady drum work that really gives a solid “thump” and pulse to an album that would otherwise be so celestial and foggy that it would disintegrate before really manifesting into an existence; and something so moody and unexplainable to the album as a whole that makes it irresistible.

This is not mentioned on the Darker Than Black webpage, yet they sent it to me for promotion, so it is or will be available through them eventually and the moment that I find it stateside I’ll update this with the link but until then here’s an updated link where it is possible to both sample the sound and buy. I’m going to wind up doing this myself as I only have the digital copy for review and like most really amazing stuff, it’s not going to be available in the U.S. for months, if even then.

I did, however, get the official Soundcloud page for DTB Records and they have abunch of their releases streaming including a pick from this one: