When I first got wind of this re-release I was incredibly fired up and for two reasons: the first of which being that it’s The (Fucking) Cherry Point; and the second equally arousing reason that TCP inadvertently named an album after me.  Anyone who knows me is overly familiar with my daily frantic anxious bouts of stress-induced Tourettes, hence the addition of the F bomb up above, and self- inclusive anal perfectionism would probably think of me as Misery Guts, and anyone who knows The Cherry Point knows that they are going to get their brain scraped, blow torched, and zapped by the barrage of metallic (not heavy metal the music here) screeching and sanity piercing shrieks embedded in a throng of dense electronic fallout.  So if you haven’t been reamed by the likes of TCP or even this release than think of Misery Guts as experiencing through sound being run over by a subway repeatedly as if some almighty force was deliberately pausing and restarting the scenario from the moment, just seconds before you are compressed into goop like pigeon shit along the rat and roach infested track, to the moment right after the splatter, and playing it via slow mode so that it drags out your final moments of terror and shock into 30 minutes worth of warped audio art.

Misery Guts is composed of two lengthy rumbling low-end backed fuzz bombs that are overloaded with wailing, shrill feedback, bizarre almost human utterances from behind the sonic wall, screeching metal shards, and miscellaneous sonic shrapnel.  The songs are untitled, and both are 13- 15 minutes in length but connect so tightly together that they might as well be Siamese twins.  The first song is the one that is analogous to the subway accident mentioned earlier, it consists of what really does sound like a several ton metal train trying to stop on a dime scraping it’s steel wheels against steel rails and the low-end rumbling wall of electronic mush is the sound of the massive vessel heading your way with all of its momentum including the air force generated before and during the obliteration. In other words, it’s some pretty heavy stuff, but it’s also sorta neat when the almost Kraftwerky “squiggly-bop” sounds scrambling amidst the blasting wall of sound and lighten the load although ever so slightly. I’m a huge power electronics nut and the amount of texture created here on just one song is purely astounding, in roughly 15 minutes this song will squish out your innards and terrorize you through repeated last moments and death experiences, with some electrocution and jarbled up human babble to further bend your sanity.

But speaking of sanity, I’m gonna be honest and real here folks, if you’re actually sane you wouldn’t be listening to TCP or anything related to it in the first place. Then again insanity to me is not being able to experience and appreciate the like of TCP, so I guess it’s all about perspective. I’m working on anger management and these two songs reflect my rage induced urges that I keep bottled up making my guts wrench and toil like a snake tying itself in a knot. The unabashed violent outbursts of sound on the second song sounds like what I’d like to act out on annoying fucked up people annoy the Hell out of me by busting their skulls open with a heavy random object and laughing hysterically while doing it. AAAAHHHH, I feel so much better after a little Cherry Point therapy and venting, but hopefully aside from being disturbing to some I covered the sounds and intense complexity of what this album is and contains within. I on the other hand will continue to fly into fits of random swearing storms like a severe epileptic at a disco but will probably never act out the second song on anyone.

The album is available from Troniks/PACrec: http://iheartnoise.com/catalog.htm, along with tons of other equally nightmarish clusterfucks of electronic mush. They’ve been having this sale for at least two years (I think) and counting where you buy 5 CDs for $20 including shipping for U.S. orders only. I raided it several times and they still have one or two things that I still want/need, they just keep adding to the stock. Definitely give that link a visit and grab up this one, Sewer Election, Sickness/Slogan split, The Rita, Richard Ramirez and Skin Crime, and anything else from TCP/Phil Blankenship.