As a sub-label of Dark Descent, Unspeakable Axe Records has made their debut with two releases sure to leave an imprint on the underground metal community. First up is Austin, TX’s Birth A.D. with their debut ‘I Blame You’, a collection of 18 fast and furious thrash masterpieces from the hey-day of 1980’s crossover. Totally a mere 36 minutes, ‘I Blame You’ is a fucking riot, enjoyable on multiple levels. The well-written lyrics that  are included in the liner notes do an excellent job of discrediting day jobs, (Equal Opportunity), exposing bullshit ‘community’ (This Scene Sucks) and promoting school shootings (Cause Problems). Upfront, ugly and in-your-face, Birth A.D. make it clear they are not here to reinvent the wheel, nor are they here to make friends and play nice, by any means, and that is what makes ‘I Blame You’ most enjoyable. Guest vocals by Sakis Tolis on ‘Kill Everybody’ are really outshined by the maddening attack of the power trio ripping shit it up with ease. Piss on whatever pop thrash revival the mall kids are claiming, Birth A.D. is the band to bury them all!

Next up on the playlist is Canada’s Besieged with their debut full length, ‘Victims Beyond All Help’. Without wasting any time, this quartet kicks shit into high gear on album opener, ‘Internal Suffering’. Driven like a stolen Hemi, this full throttle full length doesn’t let off the gas for the duration, leaving poseurs and pussies miles behind them, bruised and broken. Savage riffs rip and tear at the ear drums while solos shred on the threshold of pain. Spitting vile vocals propel the onslaught ever forward with vivid details of suffocation (Buried Alive) and paralysis (Trapped Inside). Cover art master Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Hirax) put his brush to the canvas for ‘Victims…’ for a rather unique piece that fits the album well. Where Birth A.D.’s music was more familiar to the ear musically and easy to digest, ‘Victims…’ brings more of an atonal, Slayer-esqe element to their sound that will keep me listening beyond this review. Violent, morbid and unforgiving to the last note, Besieged will rip you in two without slowing…be warned!