I doubt that anyone out there is as tired of D-beat/crust/punk ridden so-called metal as I am, but there’s always an exception when something is simply “killer” as is the true crime/horror themed From Hell with their “Iceman” interview audio and belligerent but not unique background assault that is very much the Trap Them, Converge, Masakari political fueled hardcore infected with metal tendencies.  Much as I hate to admit it to myself, let alone publicly condemn myself through admission, I honestly love this album and would indeed listen to it again as I do Masakari, early Nails, Integrity, and the like. There’s just something a little bit more real in their delivery of both vocals and sound that does actually carry something more than cut off jean shorts and the “I work at Starbucks…” tattoo sleeves and short hair with beards indie kid gone metal look of shame that is so common now that I honestly pray for high top sneakers and cut-off sleeve shirts to make a comeback.

Anyway, we at Forbidden, especially myself, pretty much ignore digital and second/third party promotional shit as we’re backlogged with decent stuff that doesn’t require or beg/pay to play/cover that we don’t need anymore free shit period. But at least for From Hell, aside from a great addition to an already established and very tired style, they chose some true crime themes and avoided gimmicks to get recognition such as being a Grammy winning D-beat/metal/crossover shit stain that the “underground” no-it-alls in PR brag about working with, although the true crime shit is a dead ringer for anyone wanting my attention…that shit’s like a pesticide light to a moth trap for me, there’s no losing on your part to get me to come to the white light.  So definitely listen to the Iceman cometh on the opener “Nemesis of Neglect” at the link below and try to deny that it doesn’t make your blood turn reptilian cold with unease or, like myself, bring a smile to your face and a race in your pulse because you understand his callous response that results from the hand dealt to him.


Apologies, I’d like to post the song itself, but it’s marked as private by some second/third party repreenting the band and I can’t post the widget to engage your curiosity without sending you to a separate site for the full EP stream.

With my deteriorating mental health due to deep-seated and properly placed anger (sworn to by solid mental health professionals, not my own words) I’d like to legitimately give a damn about most others, but after being burned and left for dead since birth I’ve also grown to be rigid as stone and the explosive hardcore fused D-beat Blitz attack that quickly ensues the ending of the Iceman interview clip perfectly summarizes what I/we feel inside as we struggle with our desire to be human and our learned instinctual nature of inhumanity brought on by true humanity told through disharmonic baritone guitar punches, angry bouts of hysterical pit stomps driven by deep rooted drum aggression, and disenchanted melodic interludes of piano underneath barren concrete and steel facades of what should be a home that has been discarded by society. And as much as I’d like to ramble on endlessly about what this less-than 20 minute EP for journalistic purposes, I can’t because it’s just really good at what it does, which sadly today is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Trying to be good at this hardcore based metallic stuff is about as useless as being another Seattle band during and post Nirvana, most of the other bands, much like From Hell is to say Black Breath, Kylesa, Dead Bird….and way too many others, you may be a Hell of a lot better and more worthy of notice but you’re still stuck in the sticky fly strip of whatever bullshit label is to cast suffocating grey upon your bright crimson horizon.

In summary, these guys are pretty fucking incredible and worthy of being in the same arena with Integrity, The Communion (Prison Tatt release), Seven sisters fo Sleep, Converge, Trap Them… I’ve never been a punk fan and never will be, my other half is a punk and never will be a metal head and when I ask him if something more metal or punk and he says punk, he’s dead on and he says this EP is punk, but I still will crank this one and bang my head because it’s real. The atmosphere, sound, composition, it’s all them and no one or anything else (and thankfully not on Southern Lord) so much that I’d almost expect this to be on par with an A389 Recordings release as they are one of the few smaller labels sticking to this style and still being reputable with their releases.