When I first opened up this promo, my expectations went from high to low rather quickly when I laid my eyes upon the cover art and title. ‘Turbulence from the Deep’, the fourth full length from Malaysia’s Humiliation, set off more alarms of being disposable than I could count before I even got the CD in the stereo. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time on a submarine to find them that intimidating…have you? Did Bear Bee (yeah, that is his credited name), Humiliation’s lead vocalist, have a near-death experience as a seaman and live to tell the tale on this album? In my experience, a ‘Skullfull of Maggots’ or ‘Inherited Bowel Levitation’ was a bit more alarming than a collection of songs about RF interference, torpedoes and being lost at sea. But I digress…

Luckily, the music is quite enjoyable. Never really taking off into a full torpedo attack in lieu of steadily plodding along a mid tempo groove, Humiliation crush and kill with intent. ‘Phosphorus Shell’ follows a predictable verse/chorus/verse/chorus arrangement but still manages to convey the appropriate emotion.  ‘Order of Battle’ gives the listener a groove to die for, sure to incite a circle pit wherever Humiliation plays live next.

My biggest complaint about ‘Turbulence…’ is how many of the songs on this album are so very similiar. It seems many of them are in the same key, allowing most of the riffs and rhythm patterns from one song to be interchanged with another song with little to no difficultly. The A/B/A/B/C/B song arrangement pattern grows old fast and I would think that by the fourth full length, a band whose musical ability is this good would experiment with less structured songwriting styles.