With their third full length, Belgian quintet brings a familiar force of black metal for all who dare listen. Shifting subtlety between atmospheric oppression and pounding death metal grooves, ‘Eradikate Kampaign’ is an onslaught to the senses from start to finish.

Opening with a brief introduction that saves us from experiences another cliche keyboard intro track, Nemesis Irae kicks things off with a double bass blast that sets the tone to follow. The monstrous ‘New Beginning’ is quick to rip and tear at the soul of any would-be listeners and ‘Christ Anthem’ is quick to follow suit. ‘666 Reich’ stomps out an infectious groove not unlike 30,000 pairs of boots marching to their final battle. The demonic ‘Asmodeus’ is the album’s longest ritual and also its most brutal. The dry, low-fidelity sound of the drums really punish the intended audience while the tortured guitars work well in unison creating a truly obsidian ambiance. This track is a good example of how Nemesis Irae defines their own sound, using more of a bomb blast beat give the song some added definition.

My only complaint is the occasionally strained sounding vocal performance. ¬†With some songs, like the aforemetioned ‘Asmodeus’, the vocal is full blast, varied and as sinister as can be. Other times, however, the vocal comes off thin and overworked. Perhaps the dry mix and vocal position in the recording did it a disservice? YOU be the judge!

Be sure to check out Nemesis Irae’s back catalog as well as future releases!