The five songs that comprise ‘Symbol of Loss’ from Averse Concept were originally released in 2011 and are now receiving well-deserved attention from the extreme metal underground.

Operating as a duo, Averse Concept presents a dark and moody atmosphere for the listener to loose themselves in. From opening track ‘Grey Skies’ to album closer, ‘Clouded Recovery’, Averse Concept keeps their intentions and emotions cloaked in obscurity. Slow moving, trace inducing guitar chords shift and coalesce over a solid rhythm bed while the vocals, although a bit loud in the mix for my like, tell a tale of harrowing introspection and loss. Make no mistake as to the honesty in this music, there are no gimmicks and even less pandering to acceptable funderground standards.

I am curious as to whether or not the members of this project are active in other groups or if there is more material on the way from Averse Concept. Perhaps, this is a self-contained statement, no meant for commentary or follow-up. If there is more, I will listen. Click below and decide for yourself!