Air raid sirens open up this 10 track opus from Potential Threat SF. Quickly diving into a dual guitar harmony and setting the tone for their second full-length album, ‘Civilization Under Threat’, the quartet offers up a well-executed thrash attack that is often imitated but rarely perfected.

With the support of the aptly named label, ‘Old School Metal Records’, Potential Threat SF has released a solid album, my promo version being in a noble digipak with an 8 page lyric book. Clear production, solid musicianship and well structured songs make ‘Civilization…’ a powerful release that leaves little room for complaints for those with an appreciation for all things Bay Area Thrash. I enjoyed hearing elements of classic Iron Maiden guitar harmonies and, at times, the vocals were a dead ringer for John Bush. Depending on who you are, that is either a good thing or a total turnoff. For me, it worked well, as the delivery is solid and really compliments the music, especially on a dynamic and epic track like ‘Behold the End’. Overall, I could have used a little more evil thrash influence, like say, Slayer or old Megadeth, but to each his own.

‘Civilization…’ delivers on multiple levels and will appeal to many people for many reasons. Listen below and find out for yourself!