Sweden’s Germ Bomb are a refreshing assault of politically incorrect classic thrash with some death metal muscle in some of the riffs as is immediately felt from the very beginning with the thunderous opening riff of “Broken Bones”. But even that early on germ Bomb shows a lot more than just any one influence taking precedence over their sound, in fact they are obviously thrash but don’t stick to any premeditation of “thrash” so there’s a lto of other stuff to pick up on as you indulge yourself further. They have enough sonic power buzz, hooks, and density in the guitars to almost be stoner metal/doom/desert rock, they also have a decent rhythmic flow of crust/stoner fusion as heard on “We Own the Night” with chunky vibrating distortion coated riffs backed by some searing thrash notes in the leads. So it is here that I willfully and openly admit my initial skepticism given their mention of punk/hardcore roots and my dread of “crossover” because they completely piss all over my doubts rapidly with their classic and heavy approach to metal songwriting and this is done within a mere two songs so my advice is to expect plenty of leads, big fuzzy guitar tones, rough vocals with intelligible lyrics, razor edge sharp instincts as the songs change direction for variation and thrill, and essentially something that actually does sound like a solid metal album when metal was solid and each band had it’s own flavor. To me I hear elements of Sacred Reich pretty consistently through the album but there’s always plenty of other factors at play such as death metal and stoner metal/doom, even some Teutonic thrash in some of the uglier moments, so  all in all the album is a continual throbbing and screaming engine of energy.

I was raised on thrash, especially the Bay Area and other U.S. brutes like Overkill, and speed metal along with the more traditional stuff like early Queensryche, and Iron Maiden, so those styles and how the bands sound AND feel is permanently wired into my brain such that it has become a precise detector of them and GERM BOMB set off all of my alarms for thrash.  I highly recommend this album to real thrash heads, Venom/Hellhammer fans, D-beat/crust, and even death metal nuts…of course most of us are all of the above and then some, but at least this gives you an idea of the span they cover. Sound of Horns is just a great real thrash album that is so welcome to quench the cracked barren landscape of neo-thrash and other generic forms of thrash. If you really do love Sodom (Agent Orange), Sacred Reich (Surf Nicaragua), Dead Kennedy’s (Give me Convenience…), and so forth then grab yourself a blaring copy of Sound of Horns and disturb the peace with it.

I know that the tape version of this album if available from Hells Headbangers  (released on Heavy Steel) and the LP version (released on Doomentia). My CD version came from the band directly but I’m sure if you hunt around or contact them directly the CD version can be obtained. You can also strem the entire album  and buy a digital copy ( please don’t be a cheap puss and not get the hard copy) at the link below and I wholly encourage you grab a 6 pack to go along with it: