With a band that has such a dominating and profound presence as HellLight does it can be  a bit of a daunting task to attempt to capture  that in mere words. There’s just something unique to their intricate combinations of heaviness, melody, bludgeoning riff assaults, and cascading moods of pure majesty and drudging sorrow that has continually knocked me on my ass time and time again from pure awe. A typical HellLight song is a lengthy  averaging about 8-10 minutes in length and a turbulent emotional ride through atmospheres that are extremely heavy to the extent of  creating a dense whirlpool through the stormy black waters of emotion that basically rip apart my mind and train of thought at that very moment, and although labeled as funeral doom/doom death they are without doubt more epic doom metal, especially with their substantially philosophical and deeply emotionally moving lyrics (Solitude Aeturnus, for example), often times challenging religious/spiritual thought and general human nature.

The band also enjoys adding a slight cinematic tinge of symphonic metal (as in violins, piano, but nothing proggy or over the top) in the background and on more than one occasion using that as a break between the heavy parts for a creation of their distinct gripping climaxes, which serve to balance the bludgeoning  death metal influences in some of the chords, but for me one of their trademarks aside from the guitar tone that is very much Hellight and present in their albums from beginning to current is in the vocals. Hellight have this uncanny ability to perfectly time rough death growl vocals and Fabio’s incredibly harrowing clean vocals  in a way that in some songs plays out like a dialogue between two personalities and even though the incredible vocals, speaking in terms of both sound and delivery, are a definite strong trait specific to Helllight I cannot deny the power of the guitar sound in the leads and melodic parts,as it’s a definite “calling card” or MO of Helllight and is such a major ocmponent to their sound. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a follow-up to the obliterating  …And then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell , my first experience with Helllight that has launched a bit of an addiction to them that for intensive purposes somewhat rivals Solitude Aeturnus, The Wheel, and Lord Vicar for times when I need something heavy and loaded with killer riffs and emotive thought inducing lyrics that are somehow therapeutic and now here it finally is, No God Above, No Devil Below , and it is the heavy crushing titan of doom metal greatness that will surely hold me over for awhile and was well worth the wait. And yet again they deliver with eight lengthy, melodic songs loaded with subtle symphonic breaks between moments of explosive doom/death riffs while simultaneously  probing the mind with questions of existence, human nature, religion, innocence and depravity through lyrics delivered as ghostly whispers that become sudden bursts of emotional epic vocals, sometimes ridden with agony, other times a glorious fury that can be almost paralyzing from the intensity.

At this point I probably should warn you that Helllight also have a tendency to invade your head a bit after listening. That, in retrospect, is probably the single factor that makes them so great in my opinion even though by now many of you are thinking that I’m blowing this out of my ass in purple smoke rings because, to paraphrase some of you, ‘they couldn’t be that great if I’ve never heard of them’ but I can guarantee that if they had me gasping and sweating a bit than there’s a good chance they will stop some of you dead in you tracks as well. I mean it seriously when I say that it’s been a long time since a band had such a presence that I literally could not turn my attention away from it. So please do listen to their works at the links below and if you are struck in the “deer in the headlights” pose then absolutely DO get a copy of No God Above, No Devil Below, and …And then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell.


Top songs for myself are: “No God Above, No Devil Below,” “Shades of Black”, and “Legacy of Soul”. “Legacy of Soul” hits me hard lyrically on is on par with Solitude Aeturnus’ “Destiny Falls To Ruin” and “The 9th Day Awakening”,as those are songs that make me shiver and instantly change my mood to meditational and introspective.  I really can’t  over emphasize or exaggerate the intensity of Helllight, as it’s simply harrowing at times. If you’re a pretty big Solitude Aeturnus fan,and/or epic and true doom metal (The Wheel is another essential band in my mind) in general than you really need to experience Helllight.