From what I gather, the members of French newcomers Rotten Liver are not involved in other projects or bands, somewhat of a rarity in the extreme music community. However, don’t let oddity fool you; Rotten Liver are quite competent musicians and the four tracks from ‘Purification by Debauchery’ make for a solid debut release.

Opening the release is a lengthy, mood-swinging ritual titled “Infamous Nil”, complete with a ballad like bridge and outrageous guitar solo. Following in suit is the dissonant “Become the Arcanthropos”, shifting wildly between atonal guitar passages into driving, down-stroke rhythms that clench the fist and snaps the neck.

The cleverly titled ‘Black N’ Rot’ brings an old school feel that is ¬†quite welcome on this release. A great deal more refined than parroting Motorhead riffs while barfing up low brow lyrics about Satan, beer and blood, Rotten Liver show their true color(s) on this track, if any. Solid guitar work, seamless shifting between d-beat, blast and death metal grooves and intelligent song flow make for an outstanding song.

The title track closer out the ritual: half mid-tempo, lurking in the shadows type of stalker song and half blasting, raging, out-of-control attack. While this song doesn’t flow as naturally as a few of the others do, it still has its moments of bliss. Much akin to a maniac who, after his victim has stopped struggling, embraces the silence and allows his heart rate to return to normal, ‘Purification…’ comes on attacking blind and strong before winding down into a crawling, quiet position. Listen below…

I enjoy what this group is doing on several levels and hope to hear more from them in the near future.