Brooklyn, New York’s quartet Veligore has made their presence felt with their self titled debut. 11 dark rituals, some instrumental and some with lyrical indignity, offer no mercy to those who cower before their malevolent energy.

Wasting no time, Veligore opens the ceremony with ‘Gloomy Winter’, a rather cliche title for an otherwise unique and satisfying song. The groove on ‘Werewolf’s Dungeon’ is solid and slamming, making this instrumental a worthwhile addition to the album. I enjoyed how this album was balanced, the track ‘Wastelands’ being a prime example. Another instrumental, void of pounding drums or razor-edged guitars, eerily whines and whimpers its misery, leaving the listener with the uneasy feeling of an otherworldly presence.

Where tracks like ‘Equinox’ or ‘Endless Night’ didn’t exactly grab me like the others did, ‘The Torture’ offered an atmosphere surreal, quickly enveloping my senses into this unwelcoming world that Veligore has so well created. Album closer ‘Full Moon’ leaves a lasting impression on the mind with its double bass brutality and furious guitar work.

Make it a point to hear what Veligore has created for yourself. You will not be disappointed!