To be quite honest this year has unfortunately been lacking for solid releases. But just when it seemed like Black and Death Metal had all but died out for the year Beyond released their debut, “Fatal Power of Death.” Having heard the previous 7″ I was eagerly anticipating a full length release. I can say that having played “Fatal Power of Death” over three times front to back I am in no way whatsoever disappointed.

“Fatal Power of Death” is a fifty minute whirlwind of death metal chaos from start to finish. There isn’t a bad track present on this album. With song titles like, “Whirlwind of Chaotic Carnage” and the title track you might wonder if the album begins to drag on and feel a bit redundant. While I certainly felt some of the song titles didn’t carry a lot of real meaning the music speaks for itself. Once the black smoke clears and the aftermath of this absolutely monstrous sounding release can be seen in full it doesn’t really matter what the songs are called. This is some of the most primitive in your face Death Metal I’ve heard in awhile.

Every aspect of this record successfully manages to violently overpower the senses with a cacophonic whirlwind of razor sharp guitars, lightspeed drumming and some of the best blackened death vocals I’ve heard in recent years.

Several of the songs in particular carry some early Slayer influence as well, “Whirlwinds of Chaotic Carnage,” “Merciless at Heart,” and “Schizopsychotic Eruption” all boast some ripping guitar parts towards the latter portions of the songs. There isn’t any melody or any overly monotonous intro riffing to pad out the length either. All fifty minutes of the album are well worth your time. Neither of the songs from the 7″ make an appearance on here either so with the exception of two re-recorded demo tracks it’s all brand new material.

At this point you might be asking yourself wether or not this album stands out from recent Death Metal releases lately and to be quite honest the answer is ‘no.’ I don’t mean this in a bad way of course as I feel that Beyond never had any intention of creating a groundbreaking, genre transcending release that would drag Death Metal out from the grave and into the blinding light of the metal mainstream. By all accounts this is absolutely fine as the record is a very well executed attempt at oldschool Death Metal with some thrashy undertones.

“Fatal Power of Death” is a must hear for any fanatic that prefers their metal putrified and covered in grave dirt. While it doesn’t venture far from the established formula it’s still a release capable of standing upright on its own.