Trying to describe this album is like trying to describe experiencing a head on collision that suddenly segways into a freefall through a surrealistic/hallucinatory wonderland of awkward sonic bliss spattered with down pours of despair and anger, sort of like astral traveling as a drifting non-physical entity that suddenly gets pelted by a hail of bullets. I now generally dread albums that are described as “funeral doom”, “doom death”, and so on, but this upcoming release from Thaclthi slapped that shit right out of my mind, although it was more like a slap from a 10 ton wrecking ball upside my head than a “slap”. Regardless what horrific force rattled my skull, it was this barrage of Unholy meets Ufomammut that has since left me in awe and mesmerized by it’s abusively heavy handed death metal fusion with bleak, often hostile psychedelic bad trip madness, further tempered with sneaky seductive interludes of almost occult/dark ambient murmuring.

Beginning with the ritualistic chimes and spectral background chattering on “Hinthial” the experience of a transition into another realm of existence begins as you can almost imagine your body pressed up against the ceiling hovering as your mind steps out for a wild ride through terrifying and unimaginable places. “Hinthial” is a pretty realistic adaptation of something ritualistic, possibly like a possession that your are actually undergoing as opposed to merely witnessing, as its dark ambient horror drone paralyzes your mind through colossal droning creaking horn tones and resonating chimes as the muttering of abstract language clamors in the near distance. I’m honestly petrified from being both astounded by the annihilating presence this band has and trying to regain stable footing from their knock down drag out approach to sound dynamics. I was pretty content with the cryptic rambling drones and could certainly live with an ominous death doom instrumental mind fuck, but when they switched gears into the thrusting sonic blaster,“E Tu Vivral Nel Terrore! Le Aldiqua”, full of wolfish bestial howls and groans of doom death insanity circa ’93, it was like sitting on a hot plate suddenly cranked up to red molten hot as I was now fully aware of the devastating potential they mustered up during “Hinthial” that resulted in my paralysis just mentioned.

I’m only two songs into this one and can blatantly feel that these SOB’s mean business and it’s not a legal or ethical sort either, and whilst attempting to recover from the state of utter shock and awe from the real stressor hits my neural pathways like a tremor through the distressing mind bender of the gloriously bipolar and inhuman 23 minute dementia episode of “Ixaxaar”. The album is already on an awesome alcohol and adrenaline fueled crash course into Hell, but with “Ixnaar” suddenly the intensity is cranked up to overload.  When I hear “Ixnaar” I feel as though I’ve just finally lost my mind and sense of self control and unloaded a Saturday Night Special two seconds before the song began and am trying frantically to put the pieces of those few lost seconds together. It’s like a crazy feeling of having gone over the edge and beyond, where the body is still in perpetual panic but the mind is starting to clarify the blur. What begins as a steady distorted thought process of rhythm and tone, led by a ritualistic hollow percussive rhythm and hissing rumbling angular guitar tones, the maniacal and sinister anguish of the vocals, suddenly builds into a twister of coiling hostility and violent chaos not unlike the Ufomammut epic acid freak out morbid doom jams of  “Ammonia” or “Nero” off Idolum. Your blood boils, your palms sweat, your skin turns cold you’re your pulse is racing, and even though it’s a very fuzzed out hazy psyche jam sort of “free-for-all” it’s done through death metal tunings coupled with erratic violent mood swings.

Dead seriously, as one who knows what it’s like to be on the brink of anger induced insanity I can safely say, in absolute frankness, that “Ixnaar” feels like what the next stage of rage and impulse would feel like. It’s eerie, unstable, haunting, and incredibly intense to the point where I’m even less comfortable with the idea of letting myself go off the edge. I’m not ready for the horror and guilt of the release and post-traumatic moral convictions as I stand over a body contemplating not only what happened, but also what should or shouldn’t have happened. Right now I’m so hooked on this album that it’s inspiring me to revisit Unholy, Disembowled, and Ufommamut for an extra nostalgic jolt to my senses. I miss the days when a band could completely level my perceived world for a while as it unraveled and entangled me within it’s tentacles, it’s that absolutely nuclear warhead decimation power through heaviness and animalistic aggression that death doom has seemed to lose over the decades that is present here and takes me back to when I truly loved this style and an era when doom and death metal not only collided in creative ways but also stood strong on their own as forces to be reckoned with. But now that I have found out that this is a limited number of 33, in a boxset with incense and bones, I really almost want to trash this review to avoid the thing selling out before it’s official release on 11/13/13…I want to selfishly covet this one for myself but won’t because it’s something that needs to be heard and experienced.

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