I usually don’t buy short cassettes, the ones that are less than 20 minute in length, but given that Vomikaust is a noxious plume of black/thrash filth piffed out of the anuses of some minions associated with OV, Ill Tolerance, Ives, No Pleasure in Life, it’s basically an essential own and it certainly does rip you a new one. I was recommended this scabby tape due to its affiliation with those aforementioned bands and cannot recommend it enough to anyone reading this.  Comprised of only four gut wrenching neck snapping anthems, one of which is even a dreary and reasonably linked instrumental, “Intro”, it’s just enough early Sodom and Kreator ghoulish thrash spewed out through twisting whiplash swings of hypnotic rhythm, vulgar and wasted beyond comprehension black/death binges, and pure head banging filth that sells me on it. But even if you’re still hesitant the band does throw in the added repeat of the album on both sides, plus with most of the songs being around the 5-6 minute mark in length you get a wicked little EP that repeats itself for hours on end (if your player does the whole dual side playback thing without having to manually flip the tape). Now hopefully I’ve baited you and you’re ready to dive into the actual sewage sounds.

“Stricken” roars like a ferocious Profanatica hymn of phlegmy bass loaded guttural rupturing rhythms and a-melodic tones writhing with virulent contempt, yielding a riot of bone sawing raunchy death/black metal savagery. If, like myself, you’re an admirer of Profantica assaults and enjoy invoking that black death “diesel” powered rite to shit on things sworn to sacred idiocy then “Stricken” and even the slightly perverted twanging doom tinged “Welcoming End” will be nothing short of orgasmic.  And now that I’ve abruptly introduced the dirge of “Welcoming End” I might as well point out that, aside from the doom scum beginnings of this fetid hymn the song does erupt violently into a crunchy thrash beast that will easily snap your neck, especially if you’ve been sadly away from whipping tirades of head banging anthems which seem to have been dropped out of extreme metal these days.  I also can’t help but be moved to tears of joy, although it could easily be the burning acid from the sweat drops in my eye resulting from my being worked over by the bands vile energy, but it must be noted that there’s this really interesting reverb effect on the vocals in this song as well that adds something else completely unexpected and weird to throw it back out into left field where it belongs.

So simply put, if you like Devastator (USA), Alastor (Portugal), Sodom In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty, and the classic violent 90’s black metal of A Blaze in the Northern Sky, the first 3-4 Gorgoroth albums, the Deathcrush EP, and even some crusted death/black  ejaculate like Profantica, then Vomikaust is an essential.  At least for myself this tape will be a consistent “go to” for years to come, and that aside from the fact that it is just really great altogether is why I am practically begging you to at least hear the band, but if you DO lie what you hear then grab one of these tapes before they’re gone. Bands like this never release much and then years later they get re-discovered and the $’s for them are absurd, and then we have to wait for them to be re-issued, so if you can hear them NOW then do so.

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