I won’t bother going into all the typical factual nonsense that often accompanies my reviews with this release from Reptilian Death. All right, most of them, anyway. I mean, you will just forget where the band is from, what other 3 bands the drummer has toured with, et cetera. What should concern you is whether or not a band is good, heavy, evil and even remotely worth listening to. Luckily, Reptilian Death fits into this category with ease.

Getting right to the point, I was a bit taken back by the band’s name. I can’t think of how many bands have the name “______ Death”. I suppose “reptilian” has gone unused until now. ‘The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence” is the band’s second full length, their first having been release a decade ago. The album is strong and forceful with a solid production and energy that immediately grabs the listener by the throat. I enjoyed the grinding guitar work and the ever-so-furious drum battery; the two instruments work together and syncopate without error. Without a doubt, ‘The Dawn…” is heavy as hell without being overly technical or snobbish. “Sophisticated” is a better word to describe the level of musicianship heard here.

While I can’t say much for the lead guitar or the occassionaly thin sounding vocals, the rhythms and sheer level of aggression heard on “The Dawn…” is powerful and completely intolerant of weakness. Get a copy and blast the fucker through a big stereo!