This year DTB established a sub label, Stallpakt, to unleash some more industrial and black metal fusion type of releases and this was the first (I believe) on that sub label. The basis for this album, or at from what I gather from listening to it and a little bit of info I’ve been given, Slaves of God to the Gallows… is comprised of some songs from the great Dictator album done as industrial mixes with a few other songs that I haven’t seen on some of their other albums.  The majority of the songs on here are based on the anti-religious, especially anti-Christian, viewpoint the band revels in so well and it really does work out well in an industrial, militaristic style, especially given the two song chosen for remixing, “Dictator” and the glorious “Slaves of God”, both of which were caustic enough in their original black metal form.  Here they take on a sort of metallic industrial approach that reminds me of a blend of Front Line Assembly with Psalms 69 era Ministry.  And, by the way, if anyone thinks Psalms 69 is shit than they themselves are shit, that album was THE perfect copulation between metal and industrial and a total C4 firework party under ones ass.

Anyhow, the great thing here is the rugged and militaristic commando vibe Ad Hominem are notorious for has not lost any of its prowess in the remixes or venture into the industrial realm.  The hammering percussion and machine gun riff fire, spiteful and unapologetically politically incorrect lyrics, and great song structures make this entire experiment a success. If the “Slaves of God” don’t get you sucked into burning crosses and stomping on the empty heads of religious wackos skulls then the ending opus, “The Encomium of Terror”, will definitely ignite any dormant violent tendencies in you.  Even with the industrialized mixing of this song the band still rips it up with this bestial head splitter that is still 110% black metal and spinning out of control with seething aggression. These guys are pissed and are having a grand ol’ time letting us all know it, and THAT is something that I support and thrive on.

Slaves of God to the Gallows… is a true modern black metal album. And while it’s technically an EP as the five songs only add up to roughly 23 minutes, it’s such a wild ride that it’ll either leave you panting and relieved it’s over so soon, or it will have your engine revved up on nitrous and ready to dive back into the eye of the storm.  I highly recommend Dictator, highly recommend this disc, and from what I’ve heard of their other albums I’d those as well. Ad Hominem are already well established for their sound and it takes some serious balls to put out something like this that could easy fail and make them look a bit ridiculous, but they pull it off, and in doing so they put the ball of many others (who have tried taking this route and tanked) is a sling.