I stupidly ignored this band with their two initial 7”s just because I thought the name was retarded, plus I didn’t really pay much attention to them given the PR thing flooding my inbox…I thought it was another kitschy metal thing and left it at that until a really good buddy of mine was like “You gotta hear this stuff, it’s totally your thing”. Well, he was right, I’m drunk on Beastmilk’s post punk Southern Death Cult meets Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and the Chameleons sound resulting in my being completely enamored with this album and band. Aside from a new band erupting into existence reflecting that oh so perfect mid-late 80’s speed/thrash scene like a unique spawn of Angel Dust, Sacrifice, Iron Angel, and Razor to set my body on fire, Beastmilk are certainly giving me a burning rash that I’m loving to scratch until I bleed. So now with that said: Where do I go from here? HMMM…perhaps I could delve into some of the standout tunes on here? So here we go starting with the anthemic “Surf the Apocalypse”, which I’m currently blasting.

“Surf the Apocalypse” is an amusing song that pays with the bands trademark post apocalyptic political themed lyrics and a mildly humorous side as they inject black humor by borrowed (“stole”) a blurb of The Beach Boys “Let’s go Surfin’ Now…” chorus that is just genius, but when especially when the other sound elements come into play there’s a bit of rockabilly/surf vibe but mostly in the grooving swinging rhythm and the vintage reverb guitar tone. The overall sound here though is purely blasting with a very riff driven front  backed by the thundering drum battery and bouncy bassline that is absolutely essential for the post punk style, but when combined with the vintage reverb touch to the guitar those driving riffs here go from punk to something entirely different. So when all is said and done, these guys are lethal and hit hard and stealthy through  10 infectious and obliterating anthems, all of which are ridiculously brilliant, but for the sake of time I’ll cover a few and am now moving on to another essential Beastmilk monumental opus, “Death Reflects Us”.

Every universally classic album does typically have a powerful opener that grabs one by the balls (or for us ladies, the nips) and “Death reflects Us” does exactly that with a classic sharp guitar lead in that rapidly becomes violently consumed into the explosive blast of the rhythm as the song spreads its shrapnel of howled throaty vocals and radio hit rhythms. This band has a blue ribbon recipe that is apparent right from the get-go of hitting fast and keeping the user hooked, sort of like classic Tank (or “crank”) where there’s emotion and great, memorable, hypnotic lyrics that you find yourself singing along with after the first two or three listens, but the band behind them is also a demolition derby with no impulse control and it’s damn near impossible to not get stormed.

Seriously, prepare to be sucked in and have your brain reprogrammed here folks. I’m already feeling a “crank it loud” hot rod road trip vibe here with the opener and then they keep it stomping with “The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls”, but then the shit hits truly the fan with “Genocidal Crush” . I didn’t think it could get any better and then “Genocidal Crush” completely decimates from underneath me like I’d sat on a land mine, and I’m hopped up this apocalyptic brew, my ass is all over the place, and I’m beginning to feel a bit of Lost Boys (he scene where they ride across the beach to their vampire den, and Yes, this milk (Beastmilk) is blood.  “Genocidal Crush” is almost danceable like a demented Rockabilly anthem, definitely feeling an uncontrollable urge to move, sort of like when listening to Joy Division’s “Transmission”.  And even though I have to cut it off here before I hyperventilate from overstimulation, I can’t leave without mentioning that the “Genocidal Crush” rush is met equally down the road with the likes of “Fear Your Mind” and the unbelievably brilliant gloom ballad, “Love in a Cold World”. Get this album NOW!!!! You don’t even have to get up off your ass to do it!!!! But if you’re still not convinced by my words I’ve included audio and links because I never write a check that my butt can’t cash.

Their first two EP’s can be streamed here: http://beastmilk.bandcamp.com/

BUT, a few of the highlights can be heard here courtesy of Youtube and Svart Records: