I remember Noothgrush from long ago, they were just so Goddamn loud and obliterating they even out bombed the Melvins in my opinion, that I didn’t really know what to think as I was stunned like a deer in the headlights when I first heard them. I was probably 13 or 14 and, aside from the name, my only coherent recollection of the experience is the incomprehensible dent the bludgeoning doom guitar slams left on my cranium. The blow must have sobered me up slightly at that initial impact because suddenly death metal, with the likes of say Autopsy set aside, didn’t seem so damn heavy anymore (?). Anyhow, the 90’s heyday of drugged out scumbag doom owes quite a debt to Noothgrush as they do Eyehategod and many lesser known bands such as Seven Foot Spleen, as does the recent/current stoner/sludge scene.  Where Weedeater ,Chowder, Sourvein,  and  early Electric Wizard  are  hailed as some of the heaviest and most notorious doom/sludge sluggernauts to break ground  there’s still no doubt that Noothgrush still contenders for the title of being THE  HEAVY HEAVYWEIGHTS and they certainly wield a knock out punch with their three fresh jaw breaking assaults presented here. And if that wasn’t enough to cause deafness and imminent brain damage, they also called in the cavalry when they teamed up with Coffins so what you get here’s the power of a sonic boom that you feel compressing your bones as the songs bring on the slaughter.

I mean c’mon…Coffins? These guys are absolutely one of the reigning kings of death doom and  they still share the throne with Autopsy and Cianide, and where the Swedish death metal revival began to bore me into a coma a few years back and left me wanting when it came to new death metal releases Coffins have always been able to rip my bladder open with their razor riffs life a hot knife through butter and with the likes of songs such as “Wretched Path” the band just as lethal as ever. The vocals are pure zombiefied throaty necrotic gorges and the band still waste no time gearing up the riffs to tear me up like a hail storm of saw blades. The tempo is steady, grooving, and skull stomping vicious, and yet they still manage to throw in some tricked out doom licks in the leads that add that extra defining element that says DOOM, Sabbath, and “We’re here to blow this dump to smithereens”. Coffins have always slayed and there’s no doubt in even the pickiest death metal prude like myself that they are a triumphant beast of death metal force, but they’ve also consistently changed throghout their lengthy existence from the slower obliterating death metal and sludge roots of the the long drawn out swampy graveyard treks of Mortuary in Darkness to the more bombing throbs of Buried Death, and are now gracing us with furhter progression into doom and morbid chaos. In other words “Don’t stick out your neck too far, these bastards will carve right through it, then shove your head right up your ass”.

This split comes with three filth bomb sludge anthems from Noothgrush and  two bloody cuts from Coffins and honestly is a must have for fans of either band and is also on vinyl so make it your anti-holiday resolution to resolve its absence in your collection and horrify your annoying misunderstanding relatives with it if you feel so inclined.