I’ve taken a long break from writing articles. I’m often at a loss for what to say for things that I’m indifferent to (which is the majority of things that I hear). Subjects that don’t peak my interest are the most difficult subjects to write about. I could write descriptive words about boring music, but there would be no voice behind it. However, Vigils of the 3rd Eye is odd enough to warrant words from any reviewer.

Yep, Howls of Ebb is rather odd… but in an interesting way. I’m unsure if they’re black metal, death metal, or any other kind of established metal genre. Much like how Gorguts confused and mesmerized metalheads with their Obscura album, Howls of Ebb delivers a similar result in aesthetics but with their off-kilter atonal riffing with blackened death metal vocalizations and galloping drums. Occasional clean guitar ambiance meshes with the chaos to convey a narrative unity. The result is definitely something different in itself. If I was on shrooms and listened to Vigils of the 3rd Eye, I’d more than likely end up on the evening news from a brief fit of madness.

Most bands just copy the past without realizing what made their influences great, and instead embark down the path of mimicry. Howls of Ebb distorts the path to their influences so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which bands inspired them to create music, which is good because it means that they’re  not copying other bands. The album kept my attention throughout its duration and I’m sure I’ll revisit it later.

Highlights include the track “Of Heel, Cyst and Lung” which encapsulate their style greatly, and the song “Illucid Illuminati.” I would recommend any metal fan into weird and unconventional music to check out Howls of Ebb. Also, any fans of later Gorguts and Gigan will soak this up!

Vigils of the 3rd Eye will be released March 3rd via I, Voidhanger Records.