Absolutely atmospheric, disparaging, hypnotic, abrasive, melancholic, and intense, From All Purity is undoubtedly a milestone for Indian and lays waste to most others who dare to tread the same deep, murky fluids they do. With this album I feel like Indian really capture 90’s sludge (Neurosis, Crowbar) with early extreme doom (Unholy) and then blacken it a bit (mostly in the eyes). And Yes, I know that I’ve ragged on Relapse a bit over the last few years, and done so very publicly in some reviews, but regardless of that they can still put out some great albums by great artists and Indian are certainly one to boost their ratings and   this album is a true beast. The sound is somewhere along the lines of death/sludge fused with black metal and the songs are as unapologetically aggressive and emotionally charged as the best Crowbar moments with some Neurosis and a definite black doom overhaul so it’ll either ride your nerves raw or empower you to vent your own aggression (I use this as my “go to” weight training and boxing soundtrack because it’s that energizing and suited for it). Just listening to the more doom backed powerhouse of “Directional” with the blood curdling vocals that almost sound as though they are about to set something or someone on fire, they’re that inflamed and I’m not over exaggerating here, it’s a pretty harrowing experience to hear the guy scraping his throat raw with his lungs. The mid-tempo buzzing swamp of dreary heaviness continually moving and grooving like a frantic creature imbedded in quicksand, with tension continually building and swarming back and forth as those horrendous vocal bursts are lurching forth like iron fists in slow motion busting into my temples, if it hit me in the gut I’d honestly puke and might even rupture an organ.If anything made me want to hit something good and hard, with a swift controlled blow it’d be “Directional”, it’s just that hostile.

From All Purity is an album to tear loose to, it’s the stinging sweat burning in your eyes, the taste of blood, and the musty humid layer of perspiration covering the skin  soundtrack that should be mandatory for any training athlete or anyone in need to unleash the angry frustrated maniac within. It’s a continual barricade of precision that drills itself into the mind and body through patterns of abrasive verbal abuse and driving rhythmic bursts almost resembling the experience of being cornered and prepared for having to fight your way out, and for this particular scenario I am especially thinking of “Rhetoric of No”.

Somewhere here within the rip current of low end riffs, infectious continual grooves, and hammering bursts comes a feeling of being wailed on from out of the blue into unconsciousness, only to awaken amidst the drift that lasts for about half of the song realizing that you’re cornered. Shearing screeches of feedback sort of whir around a bit and suddenly this monstrous belting of riffs crack the skull followed by these horrific gritty bouts of verbal lashings. Hypothetically speaking (of course), even if the music here weren’t berating and fully assaulting in every aspect the vocals would surely scream the skin off your bones. I enjoyed Indian a few years back in their Seventh Rule days, but never enough to really make them stick with me like they will thanks to From All Purity. I seriously was not expecting something of this magnitude or caliber, hence the fact that I’m only now writing this as I’ve honestly been a bit speechless over it, but now that I have heard it and felt it for myself my life is indeed a bit more fruitful( and surprisingly no sarcasm there).

Seriously, listen to this album in full on their bandcamp page: http://indiandoom.bandcamp.com/ and feel the force for yourself. It’s been at least 4-5 years since an album in this style (mix of styles) caught me like this one did. I’m also including  “Rhetoric of No” below: