U.S. cult metal phenomenon The Mezmerist have been somewhat of the lochness monster of obscure metal finds…some have heard them or of them, others may have believe in their existence (but out of hope because they did garner some pretty high praise amidst the shrouds of lore surrounding them), but others just don’t believe (never heard of them to begin with).  Who could really be surprised by the lack of publicity or a substantial rumor mill about a band that, aside from a small pressing back in 1985, held their own existence secret as well as much of that original pressing? So aside from rumors about Bill Wards involvement and the albums intentional rarity (?) this gem still remained eclipsed by its own shadow until now, which befuddles me now that I’ve heard it because with something this amazing I’d have seriously thought someone would have tried to contact the band, or would know something about them, and/or would spread their songs a bit more widely, especially given the treasure trove of classic metal, hard rock, doom, prog, and psyche that lay within these fuzzy pulsing songs.

With a wicked reverb wetted Arabic lead guitar and noodling bassline, “Dead Ones Cry No More” sounds sort of like a fusion of deathrock, a bit of Paul Chain and middle-eastern tinged kraut bliss rockers Agitation Free. I’m a reverbaholic and the spacerock psyche occult mysticism overflowing here is pure ecstasy for me. It’s seriously as if the band is an incarnation of all the things that I love and need (and I’m guessing that they do too) and that’s not an easy thing for any band to pull off so needless to say, I’m  in awe and grateful that The Mezmerist has made my acquaintance. But although I’m pretty enamored by the the warmth of the red glowing amplifier tube tones I can’t avoid taking notice of the bouncy bassline, the slight Christian Death vibe in the overall sound of the song, and even some of the elfish “drunk on Helium “ vocals in this cosmic caravan song, so lets just say that if I’d heard this song prior to this release I’d have desperately hunted this down and paid many hundreds of dollars for a copy and that statement is backed even harder by the very Black Hole reminiscent song, “Kingdom of the Dead” that follows. Hopefully by now you’re trembling and either salivating or having literal orgasms from the mere name drops as I can assure you 110% that those are appropriate and accurate bands for drawing comparisons to here, but if I still haven’t even peaked your curiosity then I could also easily add in some Hawkwind to that list of that helps.

The point is this, this album is by far one of THE best albums period!!!! The band spans all realms of the heavy and trippy and they do this in every single song. Whether you’re into pure metal, doom, proto metal, stoner (rock/metal), psychedelic (past and present), heavy prog, kraut rock, death rock, and any/all of the above mentioned The Mezmerist is GOLDEN. You need this album.  And as for the rumors and mystery, here’re some of the facts that have been finally solidified:

1)Bill Ward played drums on four of these songs, two of which start the album strong with“Dead Ones Cry No More” and the       very Hawkwind Space Ritualistic opener, “The Forsaken”.

2) The band’s main man is now officially exposed: Thomas Mezmercado.

3) The band had two incarnations, one circa ~1983 and another circa~1985, both with completely different line-ups aside            from the ever present vocalist/guitarist, Thomas Mezmercado, and each line-up produced its own EP.

With this release the two EPs are combined into a full-length and an additional DVD containing the wild journey that was this band and their obscure legacy as told by mainman Thomas Mezmercado making this whole into a metal time stamp. And although I’ve only gotten through the CD so far, I can say that that alone is worth the price of admission, although my only complaint is that I’d have preferred the album on vinyl because of the style of the music and era, which is more suited for vinyl, but either way just having these songs is a metal lover Shangri-la. Listen below and prepare to be hooked: