I finally checked out some of the backlog of inbox requests for reviews/interviews a few days back and one of the more interesting ones was from Odai for his Tears of Regret band, which does actually live up to the description he gave me of “Atmospheric Black Funeral Doom metal”. Much like the other few bands that I’ve heard form that region, such as the obliterating doom death of Saudi act Grieving Age, Tears of Regret defy pigeonholing and any preconceptions that many bands now cannot avoid by creating music that is genuinely hostile, depraved, experimental, and can only be an outlet for venting internal demons. For example, the nearly half and hour long “War in Sky” is like an even more degenerate Beherit (circa Drawing Down the Moon) loaded with agonizing incoherent vocal bursts and slothy down tuned “Whhooooommphing” doom riffs.  I’m only about 8 minutes in and am feeling a cacophony of second wave black metal, dark ambient, psychedelic…it’s pretty surreal and makes me think of what the Finnish avantgarde powerhouse of Circle would come up with as a black metal album. In fact, the more this colossal rumbling bomb plays on the more it morphs into a weird nightmare that fuses the fucked up drone doom of Flesh XXX blended with Unholy and the whole thing becomes a bass saturated rattling speaker blower of bad trip LSD psychosis. It’s just so good and ugly, and whacked out that it’s, simply put, BADASS!!!!

Honestly, I hear AND feel why these guys just released their self-titled album on Depressive Illusions, a record label founded by the DSBM legend of Moloch, and this monstrous song is the third song into the album, an album which also goes as far as to feature a pretty tripped out grooving cover of  “Transylvanian Hunger”, so hopefully with some of you baited I’m gonna let the sounds speak for themselves with the videos below that comprise nearly 80% of the songs appearing on their S/T release. There’s even some Godflesh industrialized metal greatness to be heard on “Tears of Regret”, so there’s nothing tame or prefabricated to be heard form this band thus far and an interview is in process so expect that to come very soon.


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