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Engulfed In Blackness

  1. Greetings, maniac! Tell us a bit about Engulfed in Blackness! Who, what, when, where and why did you form this band? a. My name is Brandon Von, I formed Engulfed in Blackness on January 7th, 2013 with my friend Lee LeTourneau, who only stayed in the band a few weeks because of family [&hellip

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Anal Over Analog Edition Zwei

Ride At Dawn – Blast Cage Label: Survivalist I stumbled across this band a few weeks back whilst trolling through a few select label distros on Discogs and investigated them further via their bandcamp site:  (does not have audio for any of their albums currently, just a single).  I was immediately taken in by moody [&hellip

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Interview with Joshua Armijo

  Information is everywhere! From conspiracy theories to tips about keeping an unruly girlfriend content — if you can think it; you can find something about it online. One promotional tool which has grown in popularity in the metal community is video reviews on YouTube. These often have someone recording footage of themselves while analyzing [&hellip

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