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Father Befouled Part Two

 ME: This particular style of old school death metal has been coming around a little bit more recently, though it has pretty much continued to stay deep underground. Unlike new crap things such as the “thrash revival” and “deathcore,” etc..or whatever other new sub-genres are out there. Why do you think OSDM has stayed so [&hellip

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Father Befouled Part One

This is the first ever full band interview with death metal’s Father Befouled. Traditionally Father Befouled interviews feature their main man Justin Stubbs. This interview features the band behind Justin’s project in a bit of an extensive, detailed interview. The Befouled guys speak about their new album Revulsion of Seraphic Grace and their recent appearance [&hellip

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Antediluvian / Adversarial Split

About at the same exact time as I went to play this album and start to write this review, a thunder and lightning exhibition began. So whilst I’m sitting in front of my window watching this storm I’ll listen to this new Nuclear War Now! release. A label that has a tendency to mesh well [&hellip

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