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Furze – Reaper Subconscious Guide

From the outer fringes of Black Metal come Norway’s Furze, whose new full-length CD, Reaper Subconscious Guide (Agonia Records), continues to explore the essence of trance and ambiance, the genres of doom and sludge, and even the mixture of pace and form. The end result may challenge traditionalists, but those looking for a new approach to Black [&hellip

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A new band — VI — new when it comes to normal musical life-span standards, but not too much when it comes from the very large and populated underground musical scene we have today. I was surprised by the fast recognition this band acquired. Their formula is simple: a strong, active and pragmatic collaboration between those [&hellip

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Nefarium – Ad Discipulum

Italy’s Nefarium launch a war against the Vatican City with their 3rd full length, ‘Ad Discipulum’, an assault of dark fucking hatred for anything remotely resembling the Church.  Their sound is about as fast, black and utterly violent as anything you can image and each of the 8 tracks on ‘Ad Discipulum’ is “dedicated” to [&hellip

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