Carcass Archive


Formed in what many refer to as the death metal heyday in the early 1990’s, old school-minded Swedish death crew, Entrails, embraced the ravenous ways of the genre’s most notable contributors. Not long after their inception, the band lay dormant from the mid-nineties until just a few years ago, when the beast was resurrected to [&hellip

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Pathology – Legacy Of The Ancients

The streets are strewn with litter and corpses as you stumble, disoriented and bleeding, from the wreckage of what was a metro bus…your ride to work. A mixture of human screams and demonic growls echo from the walls of the skyscrapers, restaurants and dive bars that surround you. Making your way further down the street [&hellip

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Humangled – Fractal

Throughout their debut full-length, ‘Fractal’ (Abyss Records), Italian death metal quartet Humangled tap the lacerated vein of the greats of their genre. The record gives a thrashing, gore-splattered nod of allegiance to the heyday of death metal, raising horns in tribute to bands like Carcass, Morbid Angel and Death. The guys in Humangled would most [&hellip

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