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Desolatevoid – The Last Van Zant – The Parish

This 3 headed beast offers listeners a diverse spectrum of down-to-earth, doom and blues inspired music that plays like a good story with a definitive beginning, middle and end. Opening up this release is Crimes Against Humanity Records boss Nick Carroll and his Sabbath-spawned Desolatevoid who set the standard with 5 upbeat tracks that contain only [&hellip

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The Gates of Slumber

Indianapolis, Indiana’s doom warrior trio, The Gates of Slumber have been on a monstrous touring trek in support of their newest juggernaut Hymns of Blood and Thunder. Vocalist/guitarist Karl Simon took a breather to pull back the battle-torn curtain on the three-headed beast that is The Gates of Slumber. -Hi, Karl! I hope the tour [&hellip

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Apostle of Solitude – Last Sunrise (European Version)

Last Sunrise, the latest release from Indianapolis, Indiana’s doom quartet Apostle of Solitude, offers up yet another helping of thunderous, metallic, classic-sounding assaults that will surely satisfy the hunger of any metal fanatic. Sabbath-like, creeping riffs and plodding percussion sprawl throughout this record as perfect companions to the hauntingly powerful vocals. The death march-bearing title [&hellip

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