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Kata Sarka/Nak’ay split

In the disgustingly unending quest for all-that-is-technologically-superior in life, today’s general human population tends to steer away from the cassette tapes when it comes to music. “Tapes are a dead format.”, they’ll say. Often, the suggestion of downloading can be heard muttered in conversation or read in an internet post by some oblivious kid who [&hellip

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Spawned from the vile pits of Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 2009, Ptahil is a no-bullshit black metal killing machine comprised of two like-minded conspirators. Rooted in the ideology of satanic gnosticism, founding member J. Mhaghnuis (battery/vocals) and the multi-instrumental Luathca combine their sinister talents for an end result embracing the beauty found in chaos and [&hellip

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