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Leng Tch’e – Hypomanic

Formed in 2001, and christening their own style as “razorgrind” (after the title of their debut, a split EP with Black Ops), Belgium’s Leng Tch’e once featured a member of Aborted among their ranks and are named after an undoubtedly gruesome Imperial Chinese torture ritual, which translates roughly to “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. The [&hellip

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Deadmen – Possession of the Void

Indianapolis, Indiana’s destructively raging, whiskey-hoarding five-piece known as Deadmen (featuring members of Demiricous, Coffinworm and The Dream Is Dead among others) began carving their place into Indy’s hardcore/punk/metal scene in the summer of 2008. Thankfully,  they continue to drive their message home with a sound drenched in an intoxicating cocktail of influences ranging from Tragedy [&hellip

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