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Abyss Records Feature (Part 2)

As promised, fanatical fiends of the Forbidden…behold the second installment of the Abyss Records feature, examining the latest, greatest releases from the underground label! The records showcased this time around, are hot off the presses or represent what Abyss has in store for the remainder of 2012. With Composition of Flesh, Swedish death metal miscreants, [&hellip

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Humangled – Fractal

Throughout their debut full-length, ‘Fractal’ (Abyss Records), Italian death metal quartet Humangled tap the lacerated vein of the greats of their genre. The record gives a thrashing, gore-splattered nod of allegiance to the heyday of death metal, raising horns in tribute to bands like Carcass, Morbid Angel and Death. The guys in Humangled would most [&hellip

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