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Mhorgl – Heresiarch

These days, it’s really hard to not find one’s self completely overcome with a disgusted, misanthropic attitude toward the present state of humanity…at least if you’re paying attention to the grueling shitstorm that is society. If not, then you must be one of the lucky and/or oblivious few that will march like sheep through your [&hellip

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Australian black metal outfit, Mhorgl shows no fear of stepping outside the proverbial box of the genre’s tradition while still very effectively paying tribute to their inspirational roots. With a rabid sound simultaneously fusing misanthropy and seething rage, the band’s latest effort has just put them on the worldwide map of the more extreme side [&hellip

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Mhorgl – Antinomian

Antinomianism – the belief that one’s faith puts them above all other laws and restrictions. Alright, I’m not gonna lie. Yes, it’s time to cut the proverbial crap. It is quite honestly a very rare occurrence, when the continent of Australia is brought up in any conversation, that I think of much more of anything [&hellip

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