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Kata Sarka/Nak’ay split

In the disgustingly unending quest for all-that-is-technologically-superior in life, today’s general human population tends to steer away from the cassette tapes when it comes to music. “Tapes are a dead format.”, they’ll say. Often, the suggestion of downloading can be heard muttered in conversation or read in an internet post by some oblivious kid who [&hellip

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Demiricous / Nak’ay / Photian Schism

Demiricous / Nak’ay / Photian Schism March 10, 2011 The Vollrath Tavern Indianapolis, Indiana Originally scheduled to be a six-band explosion of the face-melting persuasion at the Vollrath Tavern in Indianapolis, Indiana, the night’s show blazed on into hellishly punishing victory regardless. Death metal legends Master were forced to cancel their U.S. tour with Los [&hellip

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